Green Lantern Corps Director JJ Ambrams or Greg Berlanti?
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JJ Abrams Vs Greg Berlanti: Who Will Direct the Green Lantern Corps Movie?

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BY November 30, 2019

One of the darkest moments in superhero cinema history happens to be one of the brightest movies. Not bright as in cheerful—like literally, they used too much green light. Green Lantern was so bad, Deadpool went back in time to kill Ryan Reynolds before he could make it. But it’s been nearly a decade since that disaster, and Warner Bros seems ready to move forward with a reboot. And currently, the now-legendary director JJ Abrams and the up-and-coming director Greg Berlanti are fighting for their chance to bring us the Green Lantern we’ve been waiting for. The movie, Green Lantern Corps needs a director, and so it makes sense that Warner Bros. would look at their two biggest names.

So, who is the better option?

Why JJ Abrams is the Best Director for Green Lantern Corps

JJ Abrams, Star Trek, Green Lantern Corps, Director (Image: SyFy Wire)

Love him or hate him, Abrams can build franchises. He took a loosely plotted television series about survivors of a plane crash and turned it into one of the most successful and talked-about television shows of all time. However, it’s the cinematic work we’re most interested in. Sure, he directed Star Wars: The Force Awakens and the upcoming Rise of Skywalker, but Star Wars isn’t what shows his ability for Lantern. It’s Star Trek.

In 2009, Star Trek was a film franchise that died on its last limp. Nemesis was a disaster, maybe even more than Green Lantern. The only good thing to come out of Nemesis was the screen test between Tom Hardy and Patrick Stewart. Star Trek (2009) was not just financially successful, but critically too. And fans loved it. Abrams made sure to fit in a way to make it so that the diehard fans still have their continuity, but allowed new fans to come in fresh. If he is the director of Green Lantern Corps, we can expect his adventurous style (and lens flares) that made Star Trek and Mission: Impossible III work so well.

Why Greg Berlanti is the Best Director for Green Lantern Corps

Greg Berlanti, Love Simon, Director, Green Lantern Corps (Image: Billboard)

While Abrams has established himself as the franchise-man, Berlanti has almost nothing in his directing tab on IMDB. He did a couple of romantic comedies in the ‘00s, but aside from those two early films, the only well-known one he directed was Love, Simon—which was a hit. Now, it might look like a BIG jump to go from Love, Simon to Green Lantern Corps, but look at where some Marvel directors came from.

Before Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the Russo brothers mainly directed episodes of Community. Before Captain Marvel, Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck’s most prominent films were Half Nelson, and It’s Kind of a Funny Story. Most of all, before directing Spider-Man: Homecoming, Jon Watts directed a lot of random television episodes and some unknown movie with Kevin Bacon called Cop Car. So, “lack of experience” means nothing.

However, Berlanti has a little more going for him as he’s already produced many DC Comics properties, even if he didn’t direct them. These include the entire Arrow-verse on the CW and nearly every new DC Universe show aside from the new Harley Quinn. Yes, he was a producer on Green Lantern, but that can be a good thing—he knows where they went wrong and can learn from their mistakes. So, if Berlanti is the director of the Green Lantern Corps, it could be a redemption moment for him.

Wait, isn’t Greg Berlanti Producing a Green Lantern TV Show?

Ryan Reynolds, Green Lantern, DC Comics Why yes, Hal–it is somewhat confusing. (Image: Green Lantern, Warner Bros.)

Well…yes. Maybe. Warner Bros could yank Berlanti as Producer of Green Lantern to make him the Director of Green Lantern Corps.

Who would you rather see as the Green Lantern Corps director?

(Featured Image: DC Comics)


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