DC Films Canceled The Trench By James Wan, Aquaman 2 Still A Go
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DC Films Canceled The Trench By James Wan, Aquaman 2 Still A Go (As Far As We Know)

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BY April 4, 2021

DC fans have been having a year. From the continued success of the Arrowverse to the numerous DCEU content on HBO Max to the controversy surrounding Zack Snyder’s Justice League (check out our podcast episode on it), there’s been a lot to keep up with. The recent news of Ava DuVernay’s New Gods being canceled has just added to the emotional rollercoaster. Also a casualty? The Aquaman spin off The Trench led by James Wan has been canceled. As far as we know, Wan is still attached to the Aquaman sequel. Still, we might have missed out on something special from the master of horror.

What Would James Wan Have Done If The Trench Wasn’t Canceled?

The Trench was going to be an Aquaman spinoff and it would’ve focused on the creepy carnivorous humanoids that appeared briefly in Aquaman (Arthur and Mera traveled through the Trench when escaping these creatures and appear later during the final battle).

We didn’t learn much about these creatures except for the fact that they’re nocturnal monsters that have a thirst for blood and look like a warped version of an anglerfish. However, in The Trench movie, audiences would’ve learned more about the origins of the Trench and its inhabitants, namely that it was one of the seven sunken kingdoms of Atlantis. In order to survive their new watery environment, the people devolved into the creatures seen in the Aquaman movie.

Was The Trench A Movie We Needed?

So was it the right choice to cancel James Wan’s The Trench? At the end of Snyder’s Justice League, viewers were introduced to the villain Darkseid, the subject of DuVernay’s New Gods. It would’ve been a perfect way to tie all these movies together (something the MCU has done exceedingly well), but alas. On the other hand, The Trench was going to be a movie about a group of creatures that had a small role in Aquaman. I’m not saying that villain origin stories are unnecessary (just take the success of Joker, for example), but maybe not as many people feel a compelling need to learn the origin story of villainous creatures without many nuances. Granted, Wan is a very talented director and it would’ve been interesting to see where he took The Trench, especially given his horror background.

For those that are mourning the loss of James Wan’s canceled The Trench though, fear not! He’s still set to be a part of Aquaman 2, which is scheduled to film this summer. And who knows? Maybe like so many DC superheroes, The Trench will come back to life as a new iteration of the original.

Do you wonder what James Wan would have done with The Trench if it hadn’t been canceled? Let us know what you think would have happened in the comments below.

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