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DC Releases New Trailer For Jaime Reyes’ Blue Beetle

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BY April 4, 2023

Warner and DC released the trailer for Blue Beetle, the film that will introduce us to Jaime Reyes, the first Latino superhero in the DCEU. The movies belonging to the final stage of the “old” DCEU are coming. First, it was Shazam! Fury of the Gods, which sadly didn’t have the desired results. Next, we will watch The Flash, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, and Blue Beetle.

Blue Beetle‘s trailer shows young Jaime Reyes looking for a job. He gets a 360-degree turn when an alien skarab he finds combines with him. Subsequently, Jaime will obtain fantastic powers, although he will have to do his best to fight against a dark corporation that wants the insect’s powers to develop en masse.

Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle costume Image via Warner Bros. Pictures

DC’s Blue Beetle Trailer Explained

The trailer begins by showing Jaime Reyes, a young recent graduate belonging to a Latino family. We see how the family travels to Palmera City, where the movie’s plot will take place. The character goes to an interview for a job, helped by a friend, although he never makes it there.  An employee interrupts him and gives him a box of hamburgers with the condition that he would run away and never open it.

Jaime obeys the first instruction, although he couldn’t do the second. He opens the box, and finds a blue skarab that jumps on his face, creating a symbiosis between the two. Then, we can notice how the suit forms in Jaime’s body to create Blue Beetle. Jaime Reyes cannot control the suit at the beginning, leading him to space and almost to a fall from the stratosphere to the ground.

Blue Beetle - Official Trailer Image via Warner Bros. Pictures

His family pushes that he retains the powers and has this gift for a reason. The woman who gave him the box explains the situation, where this device comes from and the reason for hiding it. The company wants to use this power to create an army of super soldiers with dark intentions.

The trailer for DC’s  Blue Beetle shows how this organization uses military forces to invade Jaime Reyes’ house. The villain of the film comments to the hero that the love for his family is his weakness, as he can use that weakness against him. We also notice a close combat between the two and several scenes where Jaime is trying to to control the Blue Beetle suit.

A Batman Easter Egg

A curious detail is that Batman is mentioned on one occasion. One family member comments that he resembles the Dark Knight, and another tells him that this hero is a fascist. That might hint at the bond between the two characters, considering that it is Batman who trains Blue Beetle in the comic and in the animated series.

Will Jaime Reyes’ Blue Beetle Save DC?

Blue Beetle could be the movie that makes DC resurface. At the moment, Warner and DC are facing a terrible time with their movies. That’s why, according to his own statements, James Gunn and Peter Safran decided to do a full reboot. This film tells the story of the third and most recent version of Blue Beetle, Jaime Reyes. He is the first Latino superhero to appear in DC movies.

Blue Beetle's trailer Image via Warner Bros. Pictures

It seems like Blue Beetle is an origins movie. Jaime Reyes gets his suit, learns how to handle it and confronts a corporation that wants his powers. Based on the trailer, the movie shows a family environment that Xolo Maridueña himself highlighted by commenting on the following:

“The family aspect to this movie and to the character is inherent to the comics and so special, The family we’ve been able to create in the movie – the mom, dad, uncle, sister, grandmother – I feel like that aspect of being a superhero hasn’t been tapped into a ton.”

This film will be the penultimate film of the DCEU, as it will be released on August 18, 2023, after the release of The Flash on June 16 and Aquaman 2 on December 25. Blue Beetle will be available in theaters and then HBO Max’s platform.

The cast of Blue Beetle includes Xolo Maridueña as Jaime Reyes and Susan Sarandon as the evil villain Victoria Kord. Also, starring will be Bruna Marquezine, George Lopez, Raoul Trujillo, Harvey Guillen, Belissa Escobedo, Damian Alcazar and Elpidia Carrillo. The entire production is led by Ángel Manuel Soto, and the script for the plot was written by Gareth Dunnet-Alcoce.

Watch the trailer for DC’s Blue Beetle below and leave your thoughts in the comments:


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