Is The Joker In The Batman - Matt Reeves Film Gives Us Answers (Kinda)
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Is The Joker In The Batman – Matt Reeves Film Finally Gives Answers The Rumors

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BY April 14, 2022

It doesn’t take long for The Joker to pop up in any conversations about a DC movie, especially when Batman is involved. Despite having various on-screen versions of Joker in the past few years, including the Academy Award-winning performance by Joaquin Pheonix, some of us seemed to think that the character would pop up in The Batman film by Matt Reeves. But is the Joker in The Batman?

This article contains severe spoilers for The Batman. Check out our reaction to the film to decide if you’ll be buying tickets this weekend.

Is The Joker In The Batman Film By Matt Reeves?

The Batman places the titular character up against multiple villains. On one side, he’s got the psychopathic Riddler. On the other is the entire corrupt police force in Gotham, along with some other heavily involved characters like the Penguin. But the film has a nearly three-hour runtime, so adding another character to the mix isn’t impossible.

Rumors about the Joker popping up in the film have been circulating for years. The first, from Daniel Richtman, claimed that he would be making an appearance in the second film of what would be a Batman trilogy. His introduction would be in film #2, and he would be heavily featured in the third as well. These claims were made so far ahead of The Batman‘s debut that we weren’t confident enough to agree with them.

More recently, rumors suggested that Barry Keoghan (Eternals) would be taking on the character. His name was already on the cast credits, listed under Gotham PD agent Stanley Merkel. The Hollywood Reporter later shared the news that Warner Bros. was testing two cuts of The Batman, and one included a certain actor. Well, we finally know what cut they chose, because…

matt reeves the batman movie reaction is the joker in the batman Image via Warner Bros. Pictures.

Joker Makes An Appearance With Another Favorite Villain

The Batman ends with Riddler, a.k.a. Edward Nashton, being placed in Arkham State Hospital. He’s placed in the cell next to another prisoner, credited as “Unseen Arkham Prisoner.” The pair have a friendly chat where the mostly unseen prisoner tries to cheer up Riddler. He even asks him a riddle, and the answer hints at a future friendship between the two.

You can only see the prisoner through the cracks of the cell, but fans could instantly tell that it was Barry Keoghan’s signature spooky voice. His focus on the word “clown” in his Riddler pep-talk, along with the iconic laugh, is enough to leave us walking away knowing that it’s The Joker.

Matt Reeves mostly confirmed that Keoghan plays “that character“, giving a conclusive response to the question, “Is The Joker in The Batman?” Though, the man behind the bars isn’t quite up to the level of jokes that we’re used to. The Batman has explored characters in the earlier stages of their crime-fighting (or committing) years, and so it seems like he has much bigger plans for the Joker later on.

Reeves also claims that there was a second scene written for the Joker. He would have appeared earlier on in the film, providing Batman with assistance in tracking down Riddler. This was cut, and we can see why. The Batman is already jam-packed with intensity. Adding a more obvious Joker might have been too much for the already-full film.

Filmmakers worked hard to prevent any leaks, even though Keoghan’s role was rumored to be greater than Stanley Merkel. The actor reportedly shot fake scenes in a Gotham PD uniform to throw off the rumors.

The Batman Is Currently In Theaters.

Readers, were you pleased to see the Joker in The Batman directed by Matt Reeves? There was a lot going on in that movie, and we loved it all. The ending with the Joker is clearly a way to lead into a sequel, and we can’t wait to see how the character is explored. Let us know your hopes for the sequel while you’re in our comments section.

Featured image (Joker) via Warner Bros. Pictures.


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