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Is Sony Working On A God Of War Movie?

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BY May 26, 2021

There’s something really interesting happening at Sony. While Sony Pictures is usually removed from the projects at Sony Interactive Entertainment, the latter is providing the former with a ton of great content. SIE, the wing of Sony focused on video games, is busy with an incredible lineup of first-party games. From the Uncharted series to the upcoming The Last of Us TV series, games are the hottest source for TV and film at Sony. That means any number of great games could turn into films or a new series. Plenty of options are on the table, with 10 projects underway at Sony Pictures based on games. Overall, anything is fair game, but God of War is not a movie that Sony is working on at the moment. Here’s what we learned recently from a company spokesperson. 

Does Sony Plan on Working on a God of War Movie in the Future?

Sony God of War Movie Image Credit: Sony

For now, The New York Times is confirming that no God of War movie is underway at Sony Pictures. Many projects, 10 in fact, at Sony Pictures are based on video games. A spokesperson in the NYT report explained that “Contrary to speculation one that is not, at least not anytime soon.” The news comes at a time where we have tons of great Sony projects underway.

A Tom Holland starring Uncharted film is on the way. Likewise, The Last of Us HBO Series has its lead actors in Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey. While a God of War series would work great given the story in the 2018 entry, it doesn’t seem like it’s on the table for now. It’s not as if Sony Pictures only works in video game projects. The upcoming film, Venom: Let There Be Carnage, is one example of the deep pool of projects underway at the studio. After a long run of failed video game adaptations into other media, Sony seems to be ready to change the course.

Of the ten PlayStation projects underway at Sony, seven are series and three are films. We don’t know everything that’s getting an adaptation but it’s exciting to see so much on the way. While I know not all video game adaptations go well, I’m cautiously optimistic. Let us know if you wish Sony was working on a God of War movie in the comments!

Featured Image Credit: Sony 


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