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Indiana Jones And The Dial Of Destiny Official Trailer Explained!

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BY February 14, 2023

The Indiana Jones 5 trailer we saw at halftime of the Super Bowl left us with many emotions and questions. They showed the trailer at halftime, along with trailers for The Flash, Transformers, and Fast and Furious.

The official trailer for Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny produced several hypotheses about the possible plot of the film and the future of the Indiana Jones franchise. Fans have pointed out that several versions of the protagonist were seen; in one scene, he looks his age, while in others, he seems pretty rejuvenated.

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny Trailer Explained

New Indiana Jones Movie Image: Lucasfilm/Disney

In the Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny trailer, the protagonist appears at his current age, possibly retired. The narration denotes that Indy’s companion is once again longing for adventure, exploring the world and finding treasure. Indy replies that those days are long gone, but his companion insists.

We then see a combination of images showing the young and old versions of him going through various ruins and finding multiple objects, even under the sea.

Then the adventure begins. The trailer shows different action-packed scenes. In them, we see the archaeologist’s goddaughter, Helena, played by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, accompanying our protagonist. She will play a crucial role in helping Indy avoid the different traps and obstacles he always finds along the way, although it won’t be easy.

During the remaining minutes of the trailer, we see the younger Indy fighting the Nazis while the older Indiana Jones helps Helena fight the villains, and the trailer ends with the iconic scene of Harrison Ford cracking his whip, the famous trademark of this iconic character.

Possible Endings for Ford’s Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones 5 Image: Lucasfilm

One of this film’s most talked about themes is the transition that could occur at the end. We know that Indiana Jones 5 is Harrison Ford’s last film as the character due to his age and the difficulty of the stunts he has to perform. However, Disney announced they would make more films in the saga.

This would mean that they will have to make a transition to place a new actor in the role of this character or have him pass the baton. According to fans after seeing the trailer for Indiana Jones 5, there are three options. The first is that the Dial of Destiny has a rejuvenating effect. That would allow for the continued use of CGI of a young Harrison Ford, although it may be too expensive.

The second option is that this adventure has a fatal outcome, and Jones’ character dies, perhaps at the hand of Voller (Mads Mikkelsen). The baton would then pass to his goddaughter, who, to honour him, would carry on his legacy.

Finally, there is a third, more optimistic option. This option posits that at the end of this adventure, Indiana Jones decides that he has had enough and retires from face-to-face exploration. Thus, his goddaughter Helena would have new expeditions to ruins and other archaeological sites, always guided by her mentor, who would communicate with her in an advisory role.

These concerns will be clarified on 30 June 2023, the date of the film’s release. Watch the full trailer for Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny below.


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