Hellraiser New Movie Review - Cenobites Are Back
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Hellraiser New Movie Review – Cenobites Are Back

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BY October 6, 2022

After rivers of ink on social media in anticipation of this new installment, we finally have Hellraiser’s new movie review.

Hellraiser is one of the most emblematic horror movies, with more sequels in history. It has ten installments, although the last reviews of the new movie are not the best. For many, the best production was the second one; from then on, this saga started to decline.

Only one day before its premiere, we already have the first reviews. The plot and essence are maintained, where torture, pain, and sadomasochistic pleasure are the main aspect of the plot.

The critics highlighted the performance of Jamie Clayton, who plays the role of the main Cenobite, Pinhead. They also commented on the outfits worn by the torturing demons, being quite realistic yet shocking. 

However, the vast majority agreed that the movie is more similar and offers no variations that might surprise the viewer. It is similar to Freddy Kruger. By watching the first two, you already know what you will see in the others. 

Hellraiser’s New Movie Review

Hellraiser female Pinhead 2 Image: Hulu

Hellraiser’s new movie’s first reviews are not as satisfactory as expected. The critics who saw the preview didn’t like this franchise’s reboot, declaring that it’s more of the same. In some comments, they say it is sad to have a renewal of the saga of such low quality.

These comments are mainly due to the movie’s plot, in which some young people release demons or cenobites, unleashing horror, terror, and pain. However, the scenes resemble the ten previous productions that this saga had before, so the impact in this part was minimal.

Not all aspects were negative in the first impressions of Hellraiser. Among the positive aspects were the performances of the main characters. Among them the priest from hell, also called Pinhead. Actress Jamie Clayton played this character for the first time in history that a woman played this role, getting even closer to the book version of “The Hellbound Heart.”

Another aspect to highlight is the costumes used by all the characters, especially the cenobites. This time was renewed and gave a terrifying appearance, with more sinister and sadistic effects to each character. For example, Pinhead’s outfit shown gives the feeling that he likes to cause pain and that he likes to feel it too.

We see another demon with its back severed in half, showing hooks and other sharp elements embedded in its skin. Each element has a high level of detail, an aspect that all the critics on the site applauded.

Hellraiser Director Reveals How the Design Team Created the new Cenobite Appearance


Hellraiser New Movie Review Image: Hulu

Within Hellraiser’s new movie review, the most remarkable aspect was the appearance of the characters. The film’s director, David Bruckner, discussed this with Screen Rant. He pointed out that the biggest advantage of this film is the freedom it gives when designing the costumes, something that they took full advantage of.

In the interview, Bruckner commented, “David Bruckner: There’s so much you can do in the Hellraiser world; Cenobites as a concept are just such incredible movie monsters. We really enjoyed focusing on their human qualities and thinking about the human body augmented and how far you can push that in different directions. We tried to give each of them a personality that was a combination of the stories as revealed in their designs, but also what each of the actors brought to them”.

He concluded, “One of the great things about doing practical work is that you’re there on the ground. It’s everybody’s having an experience together, and the limitations that you face become things that you pull from, and you use. Just like the way Jamie was fighting the voice in the throat, for some of the other Cenobites’ movement was tricky. We found ways to use that in strange ways, and it’s just a testament to the virtues and the pain of working practically.”

Bruckner commented that they faced some technical drawbacks, which the team overcame. With CGI effects and good makeup, they could create a look that reflected the emotional aspect of each cenobite. This included the priest costume worn by Pinhead as the priest from hell.

What do you think of Hellraiser’s new movie review? We’ll read you in the comments.

Watch Hellraiser Movie Trailer below:

Featured Image Via Hulu 



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