Warner Bros and HBO Max Are Releasing 10 Exclusive Films in 2022
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Warner Bros Is Upping the Streaming Game With 10 Exclusive HBO Max Films in 2022

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BY July 31, 2021

It’s pretty clear that we need movie theaters. There is nothing like watching a visually explosive and beautifully scored film on a big screen surrounded by like-minded movie-goers. With that said, some films are more suited for the streaming platform. There is also a huge market for these movies. In their latest news within the streaming wars, Warner Bros has announced that HBO Max will release at least 10 exclusive films in 2022.

Warner Bros and HBO Max Are Releasing 10 Exclusive Films in 2022

The film studio made headlines near the end of 2020 for their announcement that shared how all Warner Bros films releasing in theaters in 2021 would simultaneously drop on the HBO Max streaming platform. While this was a direct response to the ongoing coronavirus restrictions, it also came at a great time to advertise their platform. Why pause your subscription when it almost acts as a movie theater?

Theaters around the world have slowly opened up, and the need for simultaneous releases is less apparent. Additionally, theaters haven’t been too happy with this strategy. There have been claims that it diminishes the value of watching films on the big screen while also lowering ticket sales due to streaming and pirating.

So, to combat all of the streaming wars chaos, Warner Bros and HBO Max have come up with a different strategy of releasing exclusive films in 2022. Theater-released films will still have a shortened 45-day window before they land on the platform, but some films will never make it as far as the theater.

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The Power Of Streaming Remains

It’s unclear which films will be chosen for HBO Max originals, but there will be at least 10 of them. This is crucial for the future of the streaming platform. Other big competitors like Amazon Prime and Netflix have become known for their original content. Netflix, the clear frontrunner for original content, put out as much as 2769 hours of original content in 2019 alone! Meanwhile, HBO Max has been flying by with their bigger releases. Can they become known for their smaller releases, too?

Readers, we want to hear what type of movie you prefer to watch on the small screen at home. How do you feel about the news that Warner Bros and HBO Max will drop exclusive films in 2022? Will it keep you from buying any theater tickets? As always, drop your thoughts in the comments below!

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