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Halloween Saga Teaser – Two More Films Coming!

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BY February 16, 2021

Halloween, the 2018 addition to the Michael Myers nightmare, blew box office expectations away. The Universal film had a $76M debut weekend, which is unheard of in the horror genre. In fact, it was the second-biggest R-rated horror opening ever, right behind It (click here to see the It Chapter Two trailer). And, adding to the list of records, it was the biggest slasher movie opening weekend of all time. Not bad for a franchise addition that has been going on for 40 years! After such a hit, Universal Pictures has decided to release two more Halloween films. John Carpenter announced via Twitter that two new movies are headed our way through a teaser clip.

The Halloween Teaser

With the 2018 Halloween, the three will make-up a trilogy of the Halloween franchise reboot. So, we can expect to see Jamie Lee Curtis, who plays the lead as Laurie Strode, return to the big screen. Curtis is proving herself to be the ultimate badass. After all, she is the driving force behind the biggest debut for a horror movie with a female lead. And yes, this film has plenty of records to remind you of.

Jamie Lee Curtis Halloween Queen in Halloween Teaser Image via Universal

Perfect Timing

Horror flicks will always do better when released right around spooky-season. There’s just something about going to see a slasher flick right around Halloween. All you need is a big ol’ bucket of popcorn, and some good friends to scream with. What are your favorite films to watch on Halloween?

Featured image via Universal Pictures.


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