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Guardians of the Galaxy Threequel Looking to Break the Curse

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BY December 15, 2022

The Guardians of the Galaxy Threequel is easily one of the most expected Marvel entries. At least, it’s the movie I’m most excited about in 2023. Today, Entertainment Weekly published James Gunn’s opinion about the release.

We already covered the latest entry extensively. From the new space dog to the trailer’s secrets, there have been lots to say. And, the Holiday Special only worked to get people even more hyped.4

The third movie promises a lot of emotions and twists. For instance, Gamora is coming back. We’re yet to see how she’ll re-enter the picture. Also, we’ll get to learn a lot more about Rocket Raccoon’s origins. The trailer featured his past quite heavily.

So, I’d say we should get ready for some feels.

But, what did James Gunn have to say about his latest work? What can we expect from the movie?

Let’s find out!

The challenge of the Guardian of the Galaxy  “Curse of the Threequel”

The first subject in the article is Gunn’s admission of the “curse of the threequel.” As you might know, it’s tough for a third entry not to suck. MIB III, Spider-Man III, Alien III, and Matrix Revolutions are just some examples.

Gunn mentions he can count the good third trilogy episodes on one hand. Lord of the Rings is an example. So, there aren’t many promising models for the third Guardians of the Galaxy entry.

Naturally, this can make any filmmaker nervous. Thus, Gunn knew his work would be difficult this time. Writing the script took longer than his previous work, including Suicide Squad. The main reason was having to get it just right.

After all, Vol. 3 is the trilogy’s climax. As Gunn says, it’s “the big one” and “where things really happen.” The stakes are higher than ever. Then, delivering on that premise isn’t a walk in the park.

Even if you don’t believe in the curse, the film has a high standard to meet. The first two movies were some of the best Marvel movies. That means fan expectations are quite demanding.

We also can’t forget that this will be James Gunn’s last Marvel film. The stakes are fairly stressful. But, I trust he can deliver the goods.

The main focus of Guardians of the Galaxy 3: Rocket

Rocket raccoon in guardians of the galaxy vol. 3 It’s time we learn who Rocket Raccoon really is. (Image credit: Marvel Entertainment)

With that in mind, what will the Guardians of the Galaxy threequel be about? Well, James Gunn has been pretty forward about the movie’s plot.

According to him, Rocket Raccoon was a crucial reason to come back. He felt like he needed to tell his story. After the second movie, Gunn felt the story was unfinished. And, he owed more screen time to Rocket.

He mentions he feels very connected to the character. If he isn’t able to tell his complete story, nobody would. That’s the main drive behind his desire to deliver a perfect movie.

To James Gunn, Rocket was sort of a secret protagonist in Guardians of the Galaxy. He felt rooted in Rocket as a character. Many of the Guardians’ traits manifest in him: the trauma that brings them together. But, Rocket’s experiences are more extreme than most.

Indeed, Rocket is a very intriguing character disguised under a funny facade. He’s a wacky, gun-loving menace with a heart of gold. But, glimpses into his backstory reveal a troubled past. He was a tiny raccoon genetically engineered into a killing machine. His trauma showed most prominently in the second film.

He’s had a tough road. So, it’s time we empathize with what he’s gone through.

James Gunn Most Anticipated Threequel

New gamora Gamora also returns to the show, but how will things play out? (Image Credit: Marvel Entertainment)

Of course, Rocket isn’t the only character in the Guardians of the Galaxy threequel. Quill, Drax, Mantis, and Groot are back. Plus, we have new team members: Nebula and Kraglin. Again, Groot will be a different character, this time a swole youngling.

Will Poulter will also embody Adam Warlock, the new foe. He was created specifically to destroy the Guardians. He possesses advanced superpowers, not unlike your traditional superhero. And, he promises an interesting dynamic with the Guardians.

Of course, we can’t forget that Gamora is returning. However, this isn’t the same Gamora that Quill fell in love with. She’s a new version of herself from an alternate timeline. I’m interested to see how she plays out with Quill and Nebula. Her death in Infinity War was a huge turning point for these characters.

James Gunn admits that Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is “the hardest thing ever done.” And, the movie’s soundtrack was a considerable challenge. Guardians of the Galaxy has always shined in the music department. Now, the soundtrack will feature music from multiple decades. It was one of the hardest jobs for Gunn.

Even outside the movie, things are building up to a climax. James Gunn wants this film to be a proper send-off. That’s true for himself, the cast, the crew, and the characters. So, the real-life stakes are as high as the movie’s.

I trust James Gunn, though. I’ll be waiting for you at the premiere!

Featured Image Credit: Marvel Entertainment.



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