Godzilla vs Kong Funko Pop Confirms a Monster’s Appearance
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Godzilla vs Kong Funko Pop Figure Confirms Rumored Monster

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BY March 19, 2021

The upcoming release of Godzilla vs Kong is driving me wild. I’m not one to get all that worked up about a movie. In most cases, I’m cautiously optimistic, even when it comes to my favorite directors or franchises. All bets are off with this upcoming release, however. It’s likely that the repeated call by Warner Bros. that someone definitely wins this gigantic battle is a red herring. I don’t think this film ends with either titular character “dying” so to speak. Instead, many rumors point to another well-known monster making an appearance. If you had doubts about this, then you might want to think again. A newly unveiled Godzilla vs Kong Funko Pop figure shows that a rumored monster will play a role in the upcoming film. Here’s who will be joining in on this larger-than-life monster mash later this month.

Spoiler Alert! This Godzilla vs Kong Funko Pop Confirms a Monster’s Appearance in the Film

Heads up! We’ll be naming the monster making an appearance in the Godzilla vs. Kong film below. If you don’t want to ruin the surprise, then maybe check out this article about the Godzilla Singular Point anime instead!

If you made it this far, then I assume we’re okay to talk about the monster we expect to stop by. Way back in January when the Godzilla Vs Kong trailer released, fans speculated that a certain mechanical kaiju might make an appearance. The glimpses at Mechagodzilla-related images got fans talking. Now, with a new Funko Pop lineup announced, we can essentially claim these rumors to be true.

A metallic Funko Pop toy of the character Mechagodzilla is live on Walmart. You can check out the image of the figure below.

godzilla vs. kong funko pop Image Credit: Funko Pop/Walmart.com

The Pop figure looks great and I can definitely see myself placing this little terror on my desk somewhere. The fact that Funko figures can spoil film characters and reveals is a bit frustrating. If people saw this news and felt frustrated, then I can understand why this rollout of the figures is a bit nerve-wracking. That said, I didn’t mind the spoiler when I came across it on a Funko group and I’m happy to see the character all but confirmed for the new movie.

If you’re a fan of the Godzilla and Kong franchises, then let us know how you see Mechagodzilla playing a role in the new film! Friendly reminder: Godzilla vs Kong releases in theaters and on HBO max on March 25.

Featured Image Credit: HBO Max/Warner Bros.


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