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George Romero Lost Movie Rises From The Dead

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BY April 28, 2022

Although George Romero is no longer with us, his work continues to resonate and be included in horror anthology series. And if we’re lucky, we may have the opportunity to see one of his lesser-known films. Yellow Veil Pictures, a film sales company devoted to “boundary-pushing genre cinema,” has acquired the rights to the formerly lost George Romero movie The Amusement Park.

What Is The Amusement Park, The Lost George Romero Movie?

george romero lost movie image via Yellow Veil Pictures

While Romero is most associated with horror movies, particularly zombie flicks, The Amusement Park is a slight deviation. If you can believe it, the Lutheran Services, a charitable network that oversees Lutheran Social Ministries, commissioned Romero to make the movie. They intended it to be about the need for comprehensive elderly care. Romero took that idea to the extreme.

He depicted the worst case scenario for an elderly person without support. But instead of showing something you might expect, like a tearjerker drama, Romero made a horror movie. It’s not a traditional horror movie, but it is affecting. As Suzanne Desrocher-Romero, Romero’s widow and the president of the George A. Romero Foundation, said in a statement, “Though not in the horror genre, it is George’s most terrifying film. It has Romero’s unique footprint all over it!”

Lincoln Maazel, who also appeared in Romero’s film Martin, is the star. He plays an apparently unnamed elderly man whose jumbled trip to an amusement park demonstrates “…the pains, tragedies, and humiliations of aging in America,” according to the Foundation. The film was made on location at Pittsburgh’s West View Park around 1973. And reportedly, once the Lutherans saw it, they were like, “NOPE.”

Now The Movie Is Up For Sale

After the Foundation discovered the movie, they hired IndieCollect to restore it. The company completed a 4K digital restoration and the Foundation held several screenings. However, now the movie may soon find its way to more theaters and living rooms.

Since Yellow Veil bought the sales rights, they are taking it to market. Specifically, they’ve taken it to the Cannes virtual market, which is being held in lieu of the traditional Cannes film festival. The market has been running this week. At press time, there is no news of a sale; we’ll update this if it finds a distributor.

Are you interested in seeing the lost George Romero movie? Tell us on social media or in the comments.

featured image via Yellow Veil Pictures

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