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George Miller’s Furiosa Begins Filming

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BY June 1, 2022

George Miller’s Furiosa, the much-awaited spin-off from Mad Max: Fury Road, started filming. Chris Hemsworth confirmed that production on George Miller’s Mad Max prequel picture, Furiosa, is underway. George Miller created a tremendous blockbuster with Mad Max: Fury Road in 2015, many years after completing a trilogy of films with Mel Gibson as Max. The movie starred Tom Hardy as Max and introduced viewers to Charlize Theron’s Furiosa. She occupied the majority of the screen throughout the exciting adventure. The success of Mad Max: Fury Road allowed George Miller to continue the franchise and explore plans for a prequel. Now, George Miller’s Furiosa arrives, based on Furiosa, who became a standout character in Fury Road.

Fans of the franchise should be ecstatic to learn that Furiosa is already in production. It’s no surprise that getting George Miller’s project to reality, much alone getting the film off the ground, was difficult for Mad Max: Fury Road. While Furiosa had its own set of production delays due to COVID-19, the start of filming removed any doubt that the film would not happen. Now it’s up to Chris Hemsworth, Anya Taylor-Joy, and George Miller to finish Furiosa before summer 2024.

George Miller's Furiosa Source: Flip Screen

Anya-Taylor Joy and Chris Hemsworth Play Pivotal Roles

Development of George Miller’s Furiosa accelerated in 2020, when it released that Anya Taylor-Joy would play the younger Imperator Furiosa, reviving Charlize Theron’s role. Later, it the confirmation came about Chris Hemsworth appearing in the Mad Max prequel film. According to further rumors, he is supposed to play Furiosa’s antagonist. While Yahya Abdul-Mateen II came out with the role originally, he had to drop out due to scheduling difficulties and replaced by Tom Burke. Filming for the highly anticipated prequel underwent continuous delays, much like Mad Max: Fury Road’s difficult production.

Miller recently stated that he and composer Tom Holkenborg, aka Junkie XL, will collaborate on the film’s score once again. Fury Road had its composition done by Holkenborg. As originally reported in 2020, John Seale was set to come out of semi-retirement and work as the film’s cinematographer alongside Miller. “On Fury Road, I told George, ‘If anybody else rings, I’m retired,'” Seale told the New York Times. We’ll have lunch if you call.’ And then he called seven years later.” However, Hemsworth’s photo suggests that Simon Duggan will be filling in as cinematographer for the film. George Miller recently created buzz at the Cannes for his next movie, Three Thousand Years of Longing.

Development of George Miller’s Furiosa Is Faster Than Expected

George Miller's Furiosa Source: The New York Times

Even if we have to wait more than two years to see Furiosa, development is proceeding faster than Fury Road. Miller first had the idea for the fourth Mad Max picture in 1987, with a rough script produced in 1998 and production slated to begin in 2001. Fury Road, on the other hand, would not get out until 2015, after more than a decade in production hell.

Soon later, the picture came out to critical and public acclaim, and whispers of a Furiosa spinoff began almost immediately. Overall, it has taken a lot less time for this picture to get started, especially given that the pandemic has been disrupting film production for more than a year.

Jenny Beavan returns for George Miller’s Furiosa to create the costumes for the picture. Beavan received an Academy Award nomination for her work on Mad Max: Fury Road. Beavan told Variety’s Marc Malkin that Taylor-Joy wanted to shave her head like Charlize Theron did for the previous picture. “She wants to, but George doesn’t want her to,” Beavan explained. So I’m not sure if she will or not.” Miller’s own Australian-based Kennedy Miller Mitchell brand, together with Fury Road partner Warner Bros. Pictures, will produce the film.

So, what do you think of George Miller’s Furiosa? Do you want to see it? Did you like Mad Max: Fury Road?



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