Free Guy Official Trailer Shows Ryan Reynolds As A Video Game Saviour
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Full Story Trailer For Free Guy Shows Ryan Reynolds As A Clueless Video Game Saviour

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BY October 6, 2020

In a Pandemic world where movies and shows are getting shut down and releases canceled, could Ryan Reynolds be our savior? Or at least, the savior of a fictional video game city at least? That seems to be the case in the new Free Guy official trailer, which reveals the story behind the movie with a unique concept. We’ve heard about Free Guy for a while, with a previous teaser that was super fun. But the full trailer gives us the entire story of what the movie is about and how the premise factors in. Reynolds, along with the director and cast, announced the new Free Guy official trailer by making fun of the uncertainty of the movie’s release during this COVID-19 era. You can see both videos below. 

Free Guy Official Trailer Is In That Unique Ryan Reynolds Style

Free Guy official trailer bored. Image via Screen Grab.

The premise for the Free Guy official trailer is incredibly unique. Reynold’s plays Guy, a non-player-character (NPC) in an open-world video game. NPCs are usually just those characters that make up the background of games, similar to extras in movies. They are just decoration and don’t affect the actual story or gameplay in any way whatsoever. This changes when some programmers, played by Jodie Comer and Joe Keery, add something to the game. Guy becomes completely self-aware of his nature and then begins to influence the story by becoming its hero. He then has to engineer an internal revolution to save the game, before it’s shut down due to his perceived, glitchy behaviors. But not before Guy goes viral and becomes a sensation with fans out in the real world. 

The official trailer itself looks like loads of fun. Reynolds is in top form as an obliviously dorky character who rises to the challenge to become a badass. He’s always the most charming when he’s the straight man that has funny stuff happen to him, rather than being the outrageous character who provides the source of comedy. Obviously, Deadpool is a notable exception to this. And speaking of, Reynolds even mentioned how Free Guy is his most movie, taking a shot as his own Deadpool.

An Action Comedy Set In A Video Game World Is The Escapism We Need Right Now

Free Guy official trailer action. Image via Screen Grab.

Movies are always a source of escapism for many, along with gaming. So an action movie that is set in a video game world is almost overlapping both those worlds into the perfect Venn diagram. And given the current state of affairs right now, escapism is sorely needed. A fluffy Ryan Reynolds’ styled tongue in cheek comedy that boasts of larger than life action extravaganzas and hilarious concepts looks amazing. The sensibility of the makers is also something to speak for, as they announced the new trailer in a Zoom call video, where they brainstormed new release dates if the movie doesn’t release on time due to the pandemic. Directed by Shawn Levy, the Free Guy official trailer is the first non-franchise, non-superhero movie of 2020 that I’m most looking forward to. Or 2021, whenever it releases. 

Free Guy is coming to theatres on December 11. For now. 

What did you think of the official Free Guy trailer? Let me know in the comments below. 

Featured image via 20th Century Studios. 


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