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Filthy McNasty Movie: Wait, What Is Happening?

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BY March 8, 2021

Filthy McNasty was one of the most iconic club owners on West Hollywood’s Sunset Strip. It’s also the name of one of jazz legend Horace Silver’s songs (see below). And it’s also the name of a strange little horror movie. But is the Filthy McNasty movie a little horror movie that could?

So, What’s Going On Here Exactly With The Filthy McNasty Movie?

It’s a story I’m sure you’ve heard a hundred times already in horror movies. First, it starts with an amorous demon (described in some promo material as a “sex-starved ghost”) named Phil (Tim Ekkebus). Take it from the new CBS series Evil–demons are always scarier when they have “normal” names. But Phil also goes by the moniker Filthy McNasty.

Then there are our gals, Julie (Debbie Rochon) and Liz (Miss Kitty). They’re your basic bookworms, but they desperately want to be part of the in crowd. Enter Phil. Or uh, Filthy. Like a filthy godmother, he grants their wish, turning them into rockin’ babes. But as with fairy tale villains, their granted wish comes with a price to pay. When they show up to a party to flaunt their new look, a newly-freed Phil comes along. Then he starts killing people, as demons or even a sex-starved ghost, I guess, would.

Behind The Cleans: The Cast And Crew Of The Movie

This abbreviated film–it clocks in at around 45 minutes–is the brainchild of Chris Seaver, who wrote and directed it. He also served as one half of the makeup department. (Miss Kitty was the other half). Seaver has 35 writing credits to his name, with such colorful titles as the Mulva: Zombie Ass Kicker! series and Ski Wolf. In addition, after this movie, he went on to write and direct three more of its sequels.

Besides her makeup department credit, her role in this film is Miss Kitty’s only other listed credit. In addition to his role as Phil, Tim Ekkebus was one half of the cinematography department (along with Casey Bowker). The most experienced member of the cast and crew is Debbie Rochon, who has a whopping 255 acting credits alone on her resume. That doesn’t count her other credits as a writer, director, producer, and cinematographer. She’s even got credited work as a transcriptionist on shows like Charlie Rose. But she’s really built her career on being a B-movie horror movie player. Although she’s slowed down in recent years, it’s not unusual to see 10 projects in one year on her resume.

Filthy Critic’s Corner

As you might imagine, an outré movie like this didn’t make a lot of critics’ screenings. However, that doesn’t mean that people haven’t seen it. Perhaps drawn by the outrageous storyline, quite a few folks have braved the rental price. Unsurprisingly, though, their reactions have varied. In fact, they seem very polarized. Some, for example, adore the movie and its over-the-top antics. You won’t have to look far for their five-star reviews, where they praise the movie as a disturbing cult classic in the vein of Troma Entertainment’s films.

However, you also don’t have to look far to see the other side of the spectrum. For every glowing review, there are those from people who didn’t like it. Their reviews often read as the exact opposite of positive reviews, in that they disliked everything the other people liked. These include elements like the humor and the special effects.

But again, this is unsurprising. As the title should imply, this is not a film for everyone.

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