Fast X Final Last Trailer Just Released!
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Fast X Final Last Trailer Just Released!

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BY May 16, 2023

The story began on June 22, 2001, and will end after almost 22 years. We are referring to Fast & Furious with Vin Diesel, who will have his last appearance on the big screen. The movie is Fast X Final; we already have the latest trailer. It will also bring together almost all the saga’s characters, reunited for a farewell (for the moment).

Previously we already saw a short film of this movie, showing some of the scenes and characters. An example of this is the villain of the production, played by Jason Momoa and is one of the gangsters who worked with Hernan Reyes, who will seek revenge for the events in Brazil.

Fast X Final Last Trailer Appears on Social Media

Fast and Furious Image via Universal Pictures.

The internet is burning with the Fast X Final, the last trailer. This new trailer brings us juicy content about what we will see next. We can see at the beginning how a police officer is investigating the whole team, showing their origins since 2001. At that time, they stole estuaries from truckers and how they evolved. The trailer also shows previous scenes, such as the battle in the truck in part 7 and the jump in the Emirates in the luxury car.

There is also a scene showing how the police catch Toretto. However, when he is in the Convoy, he receives a guided missile that allows him to escape. However, he encounters a group of thugs who shoot him dead. Subsequently, we can see how the villain appears and begins his hunt against Vin Diesel’s character but against his entire family.

Part of the new actions we see in the Fast X Final a last trailer is a group of paramilitaries attacking the place where Toretto’s son, Brian, is hiding. The young man is finally rescued at the end by his uncle, who we were able to meet in the last production of the franchise. We can also notice the not-so-friendly reunion between Shaw and Hank. They will join forces with the rest of the team to save themselves from such a difficult situation.

We already talked about some of the characters that appear. Yet, several are not in Fast X Final’s last trailer. The first would be Brian O’Conner, the cop from the first part and the character of the late Paul Walker. Many expected him to appear in this latest production, played by his brother, considering the end of the last movie with the Skyline arriving at Toretto’s house.

Dwayne Johnson Won’t Be In The Movie

Great Film Series, Fast Five, The Fast and the Furious, Vin Diesel, the Rock, F9, Furious Six, F8 of the Furious, Hobbs and Shaw, Coronavirus, Social Distancing, COVID-19 (Image: Fast Five, Universal Pictures)

Another who does not appear is Hubs, the cop who was played by The Rock back in the day. His lack of presence in both this and part 9 is due to his and Vin Diesel’s problems in part 8. In fact, it is the reason behind the Hobbs and Shaw spin-off, where they seek to save the world and the British spy’s sister.

What We Know So Far About Vin Diesel’s Latest Movie  

Vin Diesel and Universal were in charge of this production. As for its plot, as we saw in Fast X Final’s last trailer, at least two groups are after Toretto and his family. The first is the cop’s team that gets help from the pirate Cipher. We can also see how he provides information about all the exploits from part 1 to part 9 at the beginning of Fast X Final’s last trailer.

The other team, Jason Momoa, is seeking revenge for what happened in Rio de Janeiro. He will try to make life impossible for Toretto and company, having enough resources and madness to carry it out. This will be the farewell to the franchise and is shown in the trailer with the phrase, “This is the last Ride”.

This production will be released in theaters worldwide on May 19, 2023.

Featured Image Via Universal Pictures


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