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Faces of Death Reboot Planned

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BY May 12, 2021

If you’re an 80s kid, then you might remember Faces of Death, the film series your friend’s older brother used to traumatize you. If you don’t remember, though, then it’s okay. A Faces of Death reboot is coming.

Cult Film Series Was Based on Pseudo-Documentary Horror

faces of death reboot Michael Carr in Faces of Death, image via F.O.D. Productions

The Faces of Death film series began in 1978 with Faces of Death, the original film. John Alan Schwartz wrote and directed the first film, as well as its sequels, under a pseudonym. That was because he also had a completely different life as a TV writer for shows like Knight Rider, Santa Barbara, and The Fall Guy. But he would be most prolific with his film series.

The premise is brutally simple and sometimes just brutal. Francis B. Gröss (Michael Carr), a pathologist, tells us (the viewers) about his fascination with death. He then narrates over supposedly real footage of deaths, both animal and human, from around the world.

Despite the ickiness of it all, though, the word “supposedly” is the key. Most of the footage was fake, either completely made up or doctored. Take the terrible dog fight, for example. In reality, it was just two pups slathered in jelly, romping around. A creepy soundtrack made it seem more fraught than it actually was.

Other scenes used real footage, but sometimes juiced them with fake footage to make them seem gorier. Michael R. Felsher, whose company Red Shirt Pictures produced a Blu-Ray with commentary in 2008, told iHorror, “The movie’s about, I would say, 30% real and 70% bullshit.” It didn’t matter to audiences, though, who pushed the film into a cult series, especially after the birth of the video store.

Cam Duo Working on Faces of Death Reboot

faces of death reboot Madeline Brewer in Cam, image via Netflix

Isa Mazzei, who wrote the 2018 film Cam, based on a story by her, Isabelle Link-Levy, and Daniel Goldhaber, will write the Faces of Death reboot. The new film is also reportedly based on a story by the Cam trio. In addition, Goldhaber, who directed Cam, will also direct this film, which is being made for Legendary Entertainment. According to The Hollywood Reporter, it’ll have a tie to the original series, but with a twist.

They say, “The new plot revolves around a female moderator of a YouTube-like website whose job is to weed out offensive and violent content and who herself is recovering from a serious trauma, who stumbles across a group that is re-creating the murders from the original film. But in the story primed for the digital age of online misinformation, the question is: Are the murders real or fake?”

THR also reports that Legendary hopes the new film will be more of a psychological horror (like Cam), rather than the blood and guts of their other reboot, Texas Chain Saw Begins, which is coming later this year. (You might recall my mentioning that the Chain Saw Massacre sequel shut down only days into filming last year. It is now in post-production.)

Anyway, we’ll keep you updated on further movements on this film.

And, of course, tell us what you think on our social media or in these comments.

featured image via F.O.D. Productions


Salomé Gonstad is a freelance writer who grew up in the swampy wilds of south Alabama. When she's not yelling about pop culture on the internet, she's working on a supernatural thriller about her hometown. Also, we're pretty sure she's a werewolf. Email her at [email protected]


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