Ezra Miller Returning To LA - THE FLASH Production Continues 
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Ezra Miller Returning To LA – THE FLASH Production Continues 

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BY June 1, 2022

Despite multiple run-ins with the law, Ezra Miller is still in The Flash movie. It has just come to light that Ezra Miller is returning to LA. The reason is to record ADR for The Flash. This action indicates that the actor is still involved in the project and that adjustments are being made. Recall that there has been much speculation about the actor’s future at Warner, even hinting at his possible replacement. Apparently, this will not affect Miler’s participation in one of DC’s most anticipated productions, The Flash.  

Ezra Miller Returning To LA: THE FLASH Production Continues 

DC FanDome The Flash movie panel miller Image via Warner Bros.

Ezra Miller traveled to the filming studios of The Flash movie. This movie is one of the most anticipated by DC fans. According to what has transpired so far, it is expected to be an adaptation similar to the Flashpoint comic book. In this comic book, the superhero travels back in time to save his mother but alters the entire universe he knew. The Flash travels through the multiverse, interacting with various versions of classic characters like Batman and Supergirl. So far, we know that we will have the return of Michael Keaton’s Batman and Ben Affleck’s Batman. 

The movie has been plagued with problems from the beginning, and a few months ago we were surprised with a delay in the release of almost 1 year. Warner Bros first stated that the delay was due to special effects problems. However, insider Grace Randolph disagreed with Warner and told a different version about the causes of the delay in the release of the production. She stated that the reason for the delay had been situations related to Miller.

Randolph stated, “Part of the reason The Flash was delayed for so long was because of some issues with Ezra Miller. So yes, visual effects definitely played a role in the delay of the DCEU films, as they have a lot of work that wouldn’t be finished this year, but the fact that The Flash became the last production to be released baffled many of us, as it didn’t make sense.”

Part of the bewilderment, according to Randolph, is because Michael Keaton would also appear in the Aquaman 2 and Black Adam films. This delay makes the appearance lose meaning, as he should appear in the speedster movie first.  

Ezra Miller’s Altercations in Recent Months

Ezra Miller Detention Footage Revealed (Image: TMZ)

Ezra Miller has had several altercations in Hawaii that have caused him not to be allowed to attend several bars in this city. He was once arrested for disturbing the peace at a karaoke bar. In this case, the actor suddenly attacked a customer playing darts. A video of this incident, which took place on March 28th, was released, and we comment here. The footage collected by the Hawaii police shows the actor with a very erratic and defiant attitude. The actor was arrested and shortly after released after posting a $500 bail. 

The following day, on March 29th, a couple imposed a restraining order on the actor. The reason was that Miller burst into the couple’s bedroom, harassing them and stealing their passports. A few weeks later, the couple withdrew the restraining order, presumably in light of an out-of-court settlement with the actor. 

Ezra Miller Arrested Again (Image: Hawaii Police Department)

Subsequently, on April 19th, the actor was involved in another incident. This time the actor was charged with second-degree assault after throwing a chair at a woman in a bar. The aggression caused head injuries to the young woman, who had to be treated. 

The altercations in Hawaii are not the only ones the actor has had, in 2020, it was reported that the actor appeared in a video choking a woman at a bar in Reykjavik, Iceland. Apparently, all these incidents will not affect Miler’s participation in DC’s most anticipated production, The Flash

The Flash’s Premiere Delayed 

Ezra Miller Out as The Flash Test Screening leaks movie spoilers Image via Warner Bros.

This production has been plagued with problems, with delays caused by various reasons. This story has several surprising elements, such as the Flashpoint event, with two versions of Batman. One would be by Ben Affleck and the other by the iconic 1989 Batman, Michael Keaton.

This filming is directed by Andy Muschietti and will star Ezra Miller as The Flash. The film was scheduled for release in 2022 but was pushed back to June 23rd, 2023. 

What do you think of Ezra Miller’s behavior in recent months? Do you think he should be removed from The Flash?

Featured Image Via Warner Bros


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