Ezra Miller Out As Flash - DC Future Uncertain As WB Executives Meet
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Ezra Miller Out As Flash – DC Future Uncertain As WB Executives Meet

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BY April 7, 2022

After a series of violent incidents that provoked calls to police, and one arrest for disorderly conduct, The Flash and Fantastic Beasts star Ezra Miller might be out of the DC universe — meaning the future of the big-screen Flash is also up in the air. Miller, who also starred in We Need to Talk About Kevin and The Perks of Being a Wallflower, has played The Flash in three different DC films, including Justice League. 

Miller is set to star in their very own The Flash film in summer 2023. The movie was in development hell for a while, but filming completed last autumn. After multiple release date changes, The Flash is for now set for a June 23, 2023, release.  Obviously, Miller’s recent disturbing behavior puts a damper on some of the excitement for the franchise. But people love still the superhero, even if the actor has issues.  And even if Ezra Miller is out as the Flash, the Scarlet Speedster still has a future in some form.

Ezra Miller Out DC Future The Flash CW Armageddon Finale Jesse L Martin Grant Gustin Joe Iris West Image via the CW

Should Grant Gustin take over for Ezra Miller?

Not all Flash actors are so alarming, however. After the news broke, Twitter users set the name Grant Gustin trending. Gustin plays the title character on the CW Flash series. First seen on the CW’s Green Arrow, Gustin’s Flash soon got his own show as a part of the so-called “Arrowverse” and its many crossovers. The Flash has been on the air for eight seasons, and was renewed for a ninth, though that might be the final one. If DC wants a different Flash who has plenty of superspeed experience, they could do worse than Gustin. He is very well liked in the role, even when the fans are harsh on the series’ direction and writing. 

There’s More Than One Flash In the DC Multiverse

Ezra Miller Out as Flash DC Future The Flash movie introduces DC Multiverse batman. Image via Warner Bros.

As the on-screen comics world continues to enjoy the possibilities in a multiverse, there are rumors that Gustin could appear in Miller’s big budget Flash movie. After all, the Ezra Miller Flash had a cameo in the CW’s major Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover in early 2020. Not to mention, the 2023 Flash is set to include not one, but two Batmans (Batmen), with both Ben “Batflek” Affleck and the return of Michael Keaton as a very familiar alt version of the role.

If Gustin doesn’t work out for the big screen version of The Flash, or if somebody gets tired of multiverses, there are always other Flashes to consider. Both Grant Gustin and Ezra Miller play the Barry Allen version of the Flash. He is absolutely the most well-known version of the red-clad speedster. However, when The Flash first popped into a comic panel in 1940, his civilian identity was Jay Garrick. Barry Allen’s nephew Wally, his grandson Bart, and a new kid called Avery Ho have all been the Flash in Marvel comic form.

Just saying—there are options! You can’t blame DC for want to boot Ezra Miller out. Hopefully, they can get the help they appear to need, and their version of the franchise can be saved.  But in the meantime, superspeed will continue in different mediums, actors, and even characters across the multimedia DC ‘verse. Currently, it seems that any future Ezra Miller projects featuring the Flash are on hold. 

The Flash debuts in theaters on June 23, 2023

Are you disappointed to hear that Ezra Miller might not be the future Flash of the DC Movie universe? Or do you already prefer the CW version of the fastest man alive? Let us know in the comments, and if you are planning to watch the 2023 Flash.

Featured image courtesy of Warner Bros.


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