Ezra Miller As The Flash - Will The Star Be Replaced?
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Ezra Miller As The Flash – Will The Star Be Replaced?

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BY June 3, 2022

Some DCU fans are asking: Why has Ezra Miller not been replaced as The Flash?. According to certain rumors, the actor’s recent behavior has caused the delay of The Flash premiere. Warner Bros planned the movie to premiere in 2022, but the new date will be June 2023. This delay would cause the loss of cameos in other productions, like Michael Keaton’s appearance as Batman in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. Many fans blame Ezra Miller for all the problems surrounding The Flash premiere. The actor was involved in several incidents since 2020, some very serious. He has been arrested on multiple occasions for disorderly conduct, assaulting people, damaging private property, and vandalism. All these incidents are compromising Ezra Miller’s continuity as The Flash.

Implications of Replacing Ezra Miller as The Flash

Ezra Miller Out as The Flash Test Screening leaks movie spoilers Image via Warner Bros.

There are several unfavorable implications for Warner Bros if replacing Ezra Miller as The Flash. The first would be that this character has already been in other movies, so the fandom identifies him as The Flash. He is the movie’s main character, and there has already been a media campaign. Using his face and changing him at this point would be counterproductive.

Another problem that prevents taking Ezra out of The Flash at this point is the money spent on the film’s production. Warner Bros has already spent over $200 million on producing this movie. Changing the actor would involve a hefty expense that would exceed the budget.

That’s why Ezra Miller still plays the scarlet speedster in The Flash. He has recently recorded several scenes and voices for the movie to finish filming.

Miller’s Recent Controversy

Ezra Miller Arrested Again (Image: Hawaii Police Department)

Ezra Miller is a problematic actor who has caused several damages to Hawaii’s clubs. Several establishments in this city have banned him because of his behavior. An example of this is Miller destroying a carpet at a bar that refused service. The owner called the police, who immediately arrested Miller for the destruction of private property. Due to this behavior, the actor went to prison in Hawaii. Among his crimes, the most serious was assaulting a man playing darts in a bar. He was also accused of throwing a chair at a woman, causing her injuries, and of breaking into a couple’s bedroom with aggressive behavior. Warner Bros. has not replaced the actor, and many fans wonder why he has not been removed from the film. 

On another occasion, Ezra Miller was in a bar and began harassing one of the customers. The owner asked him several times to calm down and stay calm, but Miller finally pounced on one of the customers playing dice in the bar. The police arrested him and Miller had to pay 500 dollars to get out on bail.

The Flash Movie Teaser Trailer DCFanDOme Supergirl Sasha Calle Ezra Miller Barry Allen Image via screengrab

Miller also had a particular incident in 2020 with photos and videos of him hanging a woman. Controversy surrounds this actor, and even his relatives have stated about it, detailing that they are concerned about his mental health.

At the moment, Ezra Miller plays Barry Allen in The Flash, and he will likely finish it. However, Warner could replace him if his behavior doesn’t change in the following months. For many, warner should have kicked him out of the movie long ago for his bad conduct.

His continuous incidents probably caused the film’s delay, although some blame the Warner and Discovery merger. Be that as it may, Miller’s behavior generates suspicions that he is the main culprit for the uncertainty of the release.

Featured Image Via Warner Bros.


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