Extraction 2 Teaser Trailer: The Return Of Tyler Rake
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Extraction 2 Teaser Trailer Heralds The Triumphant Return Of Netflix’s First Blockbuster Action Franchise

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BY April 29, 2022

Recently, when discussing the Bright: Samurai Soul trailer, I mentioned how long Netflix has been chasing their big blockbuster franchise since 2017. While the ones that the poised to hit that mark didn’t really, it’s more the unexpected sleeper hit, Extraction, that did the trick. The Chris Hemsworth-led action movie featured a massive international cast and went truly above and beyond your typical actioner. So when the recent Netflix TUDUM fan event launched the Extraction 2 teaser trailer, it’s safe to say that anticipation for the sequel shot straight up. And the way that Hemsworth discusses his upcoming sequel, we have every right to be as excited as this teaser trailer gets us. 

Chris Hemsworth Launched The Extraction 2 Teaser Trailer

Extraction 2 teaser trailer hurt Featured image via Netflix.

At the recent Netflix TUDUM fan event, the first for the streamer, star Hemsworth revealed the teaser trailer. The new teaser finally promised the release of the movie that fans have been waiting for since the original in 2020. The original movie ended with quite a tease, but fans didn’t really think much of it. Many movies end on a similar note, hoping for a franchise, but few actually make it there. Then there was all the talk about a sequel and potential franchise-building. Yours truly even pitched a spin-off prequel starring one of the film’s major supporting actors, played by Indian actor Randeep Hooda. Revealing the new Extraction 2 teaser trailer, Hemsworth had a little to say about the new movie. 

“If you thought our first film pushed the limits, wait until you see what Sam and I have planned for this next installment.” —Chris Hemsworth

The first film actually did push the boundaries for what was innovative and new in an action movie. As I mentioned in my review, it took a tried and tested formula, with an often seen lead character, and framed it in a new setting with great performances and some ridiculous action sequences. The promise of even more is something that should definitely excite fans. 

How Extraction Was a Great Action Thriller

Fight Featured image via Netflix.

Now, before we get to talking about the Extraction 2 teaser trailer, we should give a quick primer on the first film itself. The film followed a black ops mercenary named Tyler Rake (Chris Hemsworth) who gets an assignment to extract the son of a gangster, from Bangladesh. Or rather India posing as my hometown. But still kind of cool to see the country as a setting for some grade-A chaos and awesome action. The emotional core of the story had many layers as Rake and the adolescent he was extracting become close. While on the other hand, the kid’s keeper, the right-hand man of his father, a renowned gangster, who is a formidable opponent for Rake, is also on their tail.  

Along with an element of a cat and mouse game, there are complications from both good and bad guys that threaten to leave Rake without support. The movie is adrenaline-raising action thriller that doesn’t let up. Director Sam Hargraves worked with the Russo Brothers on Avengers: Endgame and movies like Atomic Blonde as a stuntman and stunt coordinator. Bringing those skills over as director in Extraction really upped the level of stunt choreography that we’re used to. And it’s pretty great. I can’t wait to see what Hargraves has in store for the sequel. 

The Extraction 2 Teaser Trailer Focuses On The Movie’s Emotional Punch 

Extraction 2 teaser trailer water Featured image via Netflix.

But the brilliance behind Extraction is knowing what it can do well, but focusing on the other elements that make a movie good. The emotional dynamic between Hemsworth’s Rake and the young lead Rudraksh Jaiswal’s Ovi is what makes the movie worth watching. That dynamic is also featured in this Extraction 2 teaser trailer, as the main selling point of the new movie. 

Please note: Extraction spoilers to follow. 

The first film ends with the supposed death of Tyler Rake. Sacrificing himself to save the boy, Rake takes a bullet and plunges into a river. The movie ties up some loose ends and all seems happy. As Ovi is back in his comfortable life, swimming in a pool, contemplating his experiences on the bottom, he gets a feeling. Rushing to the surface of the water, a figure is seen out of focus off to the side, seemingly looking like Hemsworth. We then cut to credits and Rake’s survival is left open-ended. 

The Extraction 2 teaser trailer ties up those elements with a line from the first movie that Ovi says to Rake. We see the scene after Rake’s plunge, as he is lifeless on the bottom of the river. Hearing Ovi’s words, Rake summons his last remaining ounce of strength to awaken and launch himself to the top. It’s filling in the blanks between the last scene of the movie, and what will obviously be the sequel. While I’m not sure how much of this footage is newly shot, or just unused footage from the first movie, it’s still extremely exciting. Focusing on this aspect of the new movie, instead of a sizzle reel of punches and kicks, really helps sell the substance of the film. And definitely helps to separate the movie from the usual action entertainer that came before it. 

No word on when Extraction 2 will release on Netflix. 

Were you a fan of the original Extraction? Who do you want to see return in the sequel, along with Hemsworth? Let me know in the comments below. 

Featured image via Netflix. 


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