Evil Dead Rise Box Office Grosses Over $100 Million Dollars
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Evil Dead Rise Box Office Grosses Over $100 Million Dollars Worldwide

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BY May 7, 2023

Horror movies are trending, and Evil Dead Rise proves it with its box office results. The movie surpassed the franchise’s own records and still has additional time in theaters.

The franchise tried with several productions to cross the 100-million barrier but was unsuccessful. Evil Dead Rise crossed that border in its third week of transmission in different movie theaters. With two more weeks to go, what numbers will this film reveal in revenue?

Evil Dead Rise Image via Warner Bros. Pictures

Evil Dead Rise Breaks Box Office Records

Evil Dead Rise broke the franchise record under the command of 2013’s Evil Dead this week. In 2013, Evil Dead obtained approximately 97.5 million dollars at the box office. This new production exceeded 100 million dollars globally, a good figure considering their 19 million dollars budget.

This new achievement was published on their social networks, where they celebrated such shocking news. Fans commented happily on the film’s success and thanked the development effort.

Another comment was from Lee Cronin, the film’s director, who thanked all the viewers who watched and enjoyed the movie. He also highlighted the support of the film’s crew, from the actors to the different production teams that participated in its development. About this, the filmmaker posted on social networks:

“So much love for the cast, crew, and all of you amazing movie-goers for taking Evil Dead Rise to this place today. Thank you for your support in helping the Deadites RISE all around the world!”.

The movie is in its third week of broadcasting, which is good news as it will run for at least two more weeks, which would increase the production’s revenues. However, the expectations of the increase are low, considering that the revenues dropped significantly this week.

A Zombie Horror Story

In this horror story, we see how two sisters, Ellie (Alyssa Sutherland) and Beth (Lily Sullivan), seek to reunite after being apart for a considerable time. However, all will not end well, as the first sister’s children find the Necronomicon and release all the dead, unleashing chaos.

Upon releasing the dead, an evil spirit possesses Ellie, leaving Beth responsible for rescuing her sister and returning the dead back to the grave. It won’t be easy, considering the army of zombies that will be looking to keep them company, although it won’t be very pleasant.

Evil Dead Rise Image via Warner Bros. Pictures

Regarding the plot, Cronin stressed that he didn’t focus much on scaring the film’s users. His focus was to create a fairly believable horror atmosphere, using some traditional horror movie aspects in conjunction with Evil Dead Rise‘s particular touch.

An almost permanent fight against the Zombies, trying to free their sister from the evil spirit and excite them to turn them in the process, is part of this film’s plot. Users state that it is gripping and, at the same time, creepy, which is great.

Evil Dead Rise will now be available in theaters, although we do not rule out that the film will soon be available in VOD format for conventional televisions.



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