Dune Official Trailer Is All Parts Glorious, Terrifying And Stunning
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The Official Dune Trailer Is All Parts Glorious, Terrifying And Stunning

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BY July 23, 2021

What many say is an unfilmable book, sure gets a lot of adaptations. Frank Herbert’s Dune franchise is a massively expansive world that sci-fi enthusiasts have dubbed as one of the greatest works in its genre. While there’s a whole massive franchise, the first book, Dune, remains the most influential and most revered. David Lynch did the feature film adaptation, which many still debate to this day for its genius or terribleness, depending on whom you ask. Since then, there have been a few miniseries and other adaptations, that never really stood up to Dune’s full potential. That is until Denis Villeneuve came along and decided that he wanted to do what others have shirked from doing since the original’s release in 1984. After many first looks and teaser trailers, we now finally have the first Dune official trailer that gives us all kinds of awesomeness. 

Frank Herbert’s Dune Is A Sci-Fi Legacy

Dune official trailer Momoa. Image via Warner Bros.

Dune is up there in terms of influential content, just as much as Star Wars or Star Trek. The original story of Dune is dense, with many characters and a sprawling world full of even more layered politics. Of which, the first book just scratches the surface. It’s this deep world-building that has challenged anyone wanting to adapt the book, first released in 1965, into a two to three-hour movie. That is, without making significant alterations to the main story. But so much of Dune is a part of those political nuances, the hierarchy of this world and its socio-economic structure, that to dumb it down would make it, not Dune! Hence, the difficulties. 

Dune is all about a universe governed by various family factions, regulated by an Emperor. There are many guilds involved in the economic progress of this universe, and all of them rule with a fragile and symbiotic relationship with one another. The main currency of this universe is spice; which must flow to all involved, to keep the wheels turning. The main focus of the story is that of House Atreides, a noble and strong family, and the new rulers of Arrakis, the planet where the spice originates.

They are replacing the former rulers, House Harkonnen, a brutal and malicious family, and Atreides’ sworn enemies as well. It’s during this transition of power, not just for the planet, but in the balance of the universe that the story of Dune begins. Not to mention that the heir to House Atreides, might just be the chosen one that could topple this entire status quo, and bring a new player to the board. 

Dune Official Trailer Touches Upon So Many Things

Dune official trailer Isaac. Image via Warner Bros.

The Dune official trailer is a breathtaking mini-movie all in and of itself. Everything from the visuals to the amazing star-cast, the action, the establishing shots, the one-liners of dialogue are all teasing a blockbuster movie sure to break the box office. And audiences’ minds as well. The narration of Chani (Zendaya) opens the trailer with an atmosphere of whimsy and wonder. Cutting to the real world where we see the transition of power taking place, with the young heir, Paul (Timothy Chalamet) caught between it. Exchanges between Paul and one of his mentors, Duncan (Jason Momoa) are more light-hearted than I would expect in a movie like this. But then there’s also the exchange between Gurney (Josh Brolin), trusted royal guard to the Duke Atreides (Oscar Isaac) that betrays their history and closeness. It’s refreshing that a movie of this seriousness will have some lighter moments too. 

And if the names in the parenthesis above didn’t impress you, the Dune official trailer also features the likes of a monstrous Dave Bautista as a Harkonnen warrior, the powerhouse Rebecca Ferguson as Paul’s mom, and a fearful woman with powers of her own. Not to mention brief glimpses of Stellan Skarsgard, Javier Bardem, and Chen Chang. It’s a packed cast, and everyone has awesome, author-backed roles to play. It’s honestly one of the things that make Dune one of the most anticipated movies of the past year. Hell, the past three years, at this point. 

Denis Villeneuve Is The Real Star Of The Dune Official Trailer

Armor. Image via Warner Bros.

But despite the staggering amount of caliber in front of the camera, it’s the one man behind the camera that adds so much more credibility to this iteration of Dune. Villeneuve is responsible for such great movies like Sicario and Arrival, that his nuance from those quiet movies, would definitely lend to the more psychological elements of Dune. But his ability to adapt a beloved existing franchise, as he did with the Blade Runner 2049 sequel, showcases his ability to play with the IP of others. Villeneuve is known for these glorious and sweeping visual shots but also blends those mainstream elements of filmmaking with the more indie, character-driven moments that strip those technical aspects away. 

Everything we’ve seen from the Dune official trailer so far seems to confirm that this movie will have a blend of all those things put together to make a great movie. Hopefully. And the perfect example of this is the last shot of the trailer, which features a Lion King-like emotional moment between father and son, juxtaposed against the terrifying reveal of a sandworm. It’s all just way too exciting at this point. But we will have to wait to see if Villeneuve’s Dune receives the same kind of divided reaction as that of Lynch. Or, if he just drops the ball altogether on this. 

Dune will release in theatres and the ad-free HBO Max service on October 22. 

What did you think of the Dune official trailer? Did you enjoy its massive scope and cast? Or are you worried about how this adaptation might turn out? Let me know in the comments below. 

Featured image via Warner Bros. 


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