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New Character Posters For The Upcoming Dune Movie Are Here To Remind Us Of All The Characters We Forgot In The 20 Years Since We Read The Book

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BY July 21, 2021

It feels like we have been waiting forever for the new adaptation of Dune from Denis Villeneuve. After several delays, we learned that the film will finally come out on October 22. But maybe you’re asking yourself, who is who in the Dune universe? And it is a good question, especially since the book series spans generations.

The upcoming adaptation only follows the first book (even though it is still being split into two films). But that book still has a large cast of ensemble characters to keep straight. And maybe it’s been a few decades since you read Dune in high school. Thankfully, the powers that be over at Warner Bros. have released some helpful character posters for Dune to help us keep everyone straight. Let’s take a look at the new images, and gain a bit of a refresher on who is who in the upcoming Dune adaptation.

House Atreides Takes Center Stage

Dune Character Posters Image via Warner Bros.

Paul Atreides is the hero of Dune. Timothée Chalamet plays the young man who is born for greatness. As he makes his new home on the planet Arrakis, he forms relationships with the native Fremen. These connections will change both Paul and the Fremen, and have dramatic repercussions for the entire galaxy.

Dune Lady Jessica Image via Warner Bros.

Rebecca Ferguson is playing Lady Jessica Atreides. Paul’s mother and the “concubine” of Duke Leto, she is a vitally important character in the Dune saga. She is a member of the Bene Gesserit – a mysterious order of space witches who control the flow of power in the galaxy. Jessica was raised from birth by the Bene Gesserit for a mission of utmost importance to their plans. But she wreaks havoc on those plans by choosing to bear a son for Duke Leto, before a daughter. These actions have long-reaching consequences that will affect every character in Dune.

Dune Character Posters Image via Warner Bros.

Oscar Issac is playing Duke Leto Atreides, the father of Paul and husband to Jessica. Leto is sent to Arrakis with his family by the Emperor. This takes Leto and his family from his lush ancestral homeworld of Caladan to the titular desert planet. But it is vitally important to the Emperor that the flow of the highly valuable drug called Melange (or the Spice) is controlled by someone he trusts. Duke Leto takes control of the planet from the treacherous Harkonnen family. A move that will garner him deadly enemies.

The Warriors Who Fight For Duke Leto

Dune Duncan Idaho Image via Warner Bros.

Jason Momoa is playing Duncan Idaho, a swordmaster who trains Paul in combat and strategy. He is fiercely loyal to House Atreides, even going so far as to distrust Lady Jessica due to her Bene Gesserit origins. Upon moving to Arrakis, Duncan Idaho becomes Leto’s ambassador to the Fremen people. This connection will prove extremely valuable as time goes on.

Dune Character Posters Image via Warner Bros.

Only One Member Of House Harkonnen Really Matters

Josh Brolin is playing Gurney Halleck, the Warmaster of House Atreides. Along with Duncan Idaho, he is in charge of training young Paul in combat. Although his exterior is tough and scarred, Gurney is secretly a romantic who is also an excellent musician. He is a virtuous man who often quotes scripture and does not indulge in the use of drugs such as Melange.

Dune Baron Harkonnen Image via Warner Bros.

Stellan Skarsgård is the big bad of Dune – the Baron Vladimir Harkonnen. When Dune begins, there is already a longstanding feud between House Atreides and House Harkonnen. This is hardly helped by the fact that the Emperor replaces the Harkonnen rule of Arrakis – and the valuable Spice – with House Atreides. The Baron has pledged to destroy House Atreides, and he will stop at nothing to see Leto and his family brought low.

The Fremen Of Arrakis

Dune Character Posters Stilgar Image via Warner Bros.

Javier Bardem is Fremen leader Stilgar, a man who represents the old ways of Arrakis that have been dramatically eroded under the leadership of House Harkonnen. When House Atreides comes to the planet, they must seek allies within the Fremen. And Stilgar is one of the most vital keys to understanding the Fremen way of live. He befriends Duncan Idaho in his role of ambassador and diplomat, and is viewed as a ‘good example’ of the Fremen people. But Stilgar has his own dreams for what Arrakis could become. Dreams that could finally true thanks to young Paul Atreides, and the changes he will bring to the planet.

Dune Chani Image via Warner Bros.

At last we have Zendaya in the role of Chani, a Fremen woman of Stilgar’s tribe and Paul’s love interest. She is a formidable warrior who has been trained in the use of Melange according to the old ways. In this character poster, you can clearly see her bright blue eyes caused by prolonged use of the Spice. The character of Chani is first glimpsed by Paul in visions, one of the many signs of his premonitory abilities. A

Although Chani is a major character in Dune, actress Zendaya was apparently only on set for 4 days of filming. It appears that her role will be minor in the upcoming adaptation. However, the character will have much more screen time in the next film, as her character has far more to do in the latter half of the book. Giving her a character poster for the upcoming Dune film reinforces her character’s importance to the overall story.

Dune Character Posters Show Who Is Important On Arrakis

The release of these character posters gives us an idea of who will be major players in the upcoming Dune adaptation. Along with the previously released images from the film, we have an inkling of what the movie will look like. Now we just have to wait until October to see how well this long anticipated adaptation comes to life on screen.

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(Featured image via Warner Bros.)


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