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Dropping Evil 2012 Movie: Drugs And Camping Don’t Mix

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BY March 24, 2022

You’ve probably heard some kind of wild urban legend where someone takes drugs and does something bananas. Maybe they stared at the sun until they went blind. Maybe they thought they were a glass of orange juice. Well, in Dropping Evil, the 2012 movie, they take those urban legends to the extreme.

Dropping Evil, The 2012 Movie: So What’s The Set-Up?

A group of friends head out to the woods for what ostensibly should be a fun camping trip. Mike (Thomas Alan Taylor, billed as Tom Taylor) and girlfriend Samantha (Rachel Howell) have planned the trip. They don’t want her friend Becky (Cassandra Powell) to feel like a fifth wheel, so Mike decides to invite their other friend Nancy (Zachary Eli Lint, billed as Zachary Lint).

A word about Nancy: He is a very conservative, very religious young man. He’s also a huge nerd. But Becky’s apparently not that much cooler and she’s the unknowing pawn of a secret organization. (Put a pin in that; we’ll come back to it.)

So Mike and Sam (and apparently Becky, too) think that the perfect way to get Nancy to relax and lighten up is if they secretly dose him with LSD. That’s a bold move. Unfortunately for them, it doesn’t work out. No, Nancy doesn’t jump out of a window, thinking he can fly or anything like that. Instead, he just straight-up murders everyone! Well, that’ll put a damper on your camping trip–guess we’re not having s’mores after this.

At the same time, there’s kind of a sci-fi twist, as a mysterious company and their “Boss Man” (Armin Shimerman) are tracking the events of the camping trip. They’ve even gone so far as to implant a camera in poor Becky’s eye. Why are they doing this? What are they trying to prove?

Behind The Scenes Of Dropping Evil

Adam Protextor directed the movie, his first full-length feature. (Although that’s slightly stretching it, since this clocks in at a brisk 82 minutes.) Although Protextor hasn’t made a movie since then, he hasn’t left the arts. He appears to be focusing on his music career. On his Instagram, he still describes himself as a filmmaker, so he could just be waiting for the right project.

Louis Edward Doerge (billed then as Louis Doerge) wrote the movie. As with Protextor, this was Doerge’s first experience with a full-length film, although both had worked on shorts before. Doerge continues to work in film; he made his directorial debut with the short Lily and Lucille’s Hip Creature, before directed the full-length Night of the Babysitter.

Reviewing Evil

Dropping Evil received mixed reviews from critics and audiences. Some critics admired its ambition, particularly in the way it tried to take a staid formula and shake it up, much like the film Cabin in the Woods. They found it inventive, even if it didn’t have the budget to really pull off what they were attempting.

Others, however, found it too chaotic and confusing. That brief plot summary I mentioned? That’s basically only half the movie. There’s also subplots about angels and demons, as well as cyborgs, which left some viewers bewildered. Other viewers just felt all these disparate elements weren’t integrated together well enough. It felt too experimental for them.

The movie Dropping Evil is available on-demand on Roku – sign up and watch it on HorrorMax TV! If you need more horror in your life, check out your roundup of 21st century horror anthologies.

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