Robin Hood Live-action Remake Is Coming To Disney+
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Disney’s Robin Hood Live-action Remake Is Coming To Disney+

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BY May 20, 2022

There is a Robin Hood live-action remake currently in the works over at Disney. The popular animated take on a classic tale is getting a live-action adaptation. Something that seems very popular over at Disney right now. The often-told story remade with talking animals, will now get a live-action. The remake is set to be coming to Disney+.

Robin Hood Is A Tale As Old As Time

Robin Hood live-action remake movie poster. Image via Lionsgate

The story of Robin Hood itself is in the public domain. Over the decades, there have been immeasurable Robin Hood works. They ranged from TV shows, films, plays, musicals, animated films and many more. Even the Green Arrow character from DC Comics is loosely inspired by Robin Hood. The most recent Robin Hood film featured Taron Egerton as the titular hero and Jamie Foxx as Little John. Other actors to play Robin Hood have been Russell Crowe, Kevin Costner, and Sean Connery.

The story sees a man who fights for the downtrodden and unfortunate. Hood protects them from a corrupt Prince during the Crusades. ‘Robbing the rich to give to the poor’ is a phrase that is associated with Robin Hood. It’s the most succinct summary of his philosophy and deeds. Regardless of which iteration, the story usually follows a basic premise. Robin Hood and his band of Merry Men are an outlaw group that live in the woods. The group includes Little John, Friar Tuck and others who form an ensemble of friends. They often clash with the Sheriff of Nottingham, who acts on behalf of the cowardly and evil Prince John. There is also Robin’s love, Marian who joins in his adventures. 

Disney’s Robin Hood Animated Film Featured Talking Animals

Robin Hood live-action remake poster Image via Disney

Anthropomorphic animals were all the rage in animation at one time. They maybe making a comeback given the recent Beastars anime on Netflix, and Disney’s own Zootopia from a few years ago. But even before that, Disney had many animated features films with talking animals. Bambi, The Lion King and Dumbo are but a few of Disney’s most famous movies with that concept. Another such film was Robin Hood, which featured anthropomorphic animals. Hood himself was a charming fox, Little John a burly bear, the Sheriff a wolf, while the Prince was a cowardly lion. The animal representations of the characters were perfectly suited to their personality types. 

Robin Hood’s critical reception has varied over the years. However, the movie is a classic film that resonates with audiences even to this day. So it’s not a surprise that Disney is planning a Robin Hood live-action remake. But their previous attempts at adapting anthropomorphic animals into live-action is a concern. Especially when it comes to such a beloved property. 

Robin Hood Live-Action Remake Has Me Concerned

Robin Hood live-action remake The Lion King Image via Disney

Remaking their existing animated properties into live-action has been Disney’s thing recently. And they’ve seen incredible success with it. The Beauty And The Beast live-action remake was one of their biggest box office successes. The live-action remakes of Aladdin, Cinderella and The Jungle Book have received praise. The upcoming Mulan live-action remake is highly anticipated, despite its change in schedule. However, then there’s also The Lion King And Lady And The Tramp. The former received criticism for featuring photo-realistic animals. The realism failed to live up to the emotive qualities of its animated predecessor. While the latter made absolutely no mark. The Lady And The Tramp premiered as the first live-action remake to be on Disney+ at launch. 

Given this track record with anthropomorphic animals made into live-action, I’m concerned. Robin Hood worked because the characters’ traits, perfectly matched the qualities of the animals. But those animals still acted and behaved in a very human way, for that gimmick to have worked. If Disney’s Robin Hood live-action remake features photorealistic animals in human clothing spouting charming dialogue with little visual expressions, it’s going to be weird. 

The Robin Hood live-action remake is only in development thus far, as per The Hollywood Reporter. The film’s director will be Blindspotting director, Carlos Lopez Estrada. The remake will also  written by Kari Granlund, who wrote the Lady And The Tramp remake. No word on when the movie will release on Disney+.

What do you think about this Robin Hood live-action remake? Let us know in the comments below. 


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