Justice League Snyder Cut Official Trailer Revealed At DC FanDome
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DC FanDome: The Justice League Snyder Cut Official Trailer Finally Revealed!

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BY August 28, 2020

Today was pretty emotional due to DC FanDome’s first-ever virtual experience. The brand new event featured a plethora of first looks, announcements, and trailers from multiple DC Entertainment properties like Wonder Woman 1984, The Batman, The Suicide Squad and so much more. It was unrelenting and extremely exciting. But I think it’s safe to say that no other content was as anticipated as the Justice League Snyder Cut official trailer, teased hours before the event itself. But it’s here and we have it. Years of demands, denials, mystery, and revelations later, fans finally get to see the Justice League Snyder Cut official trailer. 

Zack Snyder’s Justice League Finally Sees The Light Of Day

Superman Image via Screen Grab.

It’s been a crazy two years since the theatrical cut of Justice League released. The movie was the culmination of a DC shared movie-verse that Zack Snyder began in 2013 with Man Of Steel. However, he had to hand the reins over to director Joss Whedon due to a personal incident. So when Whedon’s version failed, according to most metrics, fans became curious about Snyder’s original version. After years of back and forth, everyone involved finally acknowledged the existence of Snyder Cut, announcing its release on HBO Max in 2021. 

So it’s a reality, and it’s happening. Faithful fans of Snyder and his vision for Justice League no longer have to prove their loyalty on Twitter. Instead, they, along with everyone else can sit back and await the release of the Snyder Cut as a regular movie. And as we do with regular movies, let’s analyze the hell out of the Justice League Snyder Cut official trailer released during the panel at the first ever DC FanDome.

The Justice League Snyder Cut Official Trailer Is Just Beautiful

Justice League Snyder Cut official trailer villain.

I will try to be as objective as I can here, as I’ve already gotten my excited yelling out of the way before writing this. The Justice League Snyder Cut official trailer is incredibly impressive, and quite something to behold. The trailer opens to the song Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen. It’s an automatically haunting rendition that is moving and adds so much more soul to the already well crafted trailer.

The trailer holds nothing back, signified as it opens immediately with a clear shot of Darkseid himself, the original big bad of Justice League. The sequence looks to be part of the massive battle in  flashback that was part of the theatrical Justice League. Or it could be an entirely new sequence altogether. The Justice League Snyder Cut official trailer looks to be full of new footage and sequences that we have never seen; not in the theatrical cut, nor even heard about through rumours. The trailer definitely puts a more hopeful and emotionally deep spin on the movie we got. Especially the ending that sees the Justice League united as one. 

The Heart Of Cyborg Back In Its Rightful Place

One of the glaring elements of the Justice League Snyder Cut official trailer is how much Cyborg there is. We knew from before that Cyborg was the heart of the movie for Snyder and that most of his storyline didn’t make the final cut. This trailer clearly shows just how much more Cyborg (Ray Fisher) there is in the movie. Most notable is how his father dies during experimenting with the Mother Box, something that didn’t happen in the theatrical cut. But it’s a sequence that adds an extra layer of character development for Cyborg whose backstory consists of losing his mother in the same accident that transforms him. 

The Flash Has An Actual Arc And Isn’t Just Comic Relief

Justice League Snyder Cut official trailer Barry. Image via Screen Grab.

The theatrical Justice League had The Flash (Ezra Miller) as a very supporting character who acted mostly as comic relief. The character came off as one that was just learning his powers and was very little help in a fight. However, the Justice League Snyder Cut official trailer gives us a Flash that looks like he has a lot more to do. A moving sequence even showcases Flash possibly getting better control of his powers. Not to mention the meet-cute between Barry Allen and his romantic interest, Iris West. 

Black Suit Superman Is So Incredibly Iconic In Snyder Cut Official Trailer

Justice League Snyder Cut official trailer Black Suit. Image via Screen Grab.

And finally, one of the biggest reveals of the Justice League Snyder Cut official trailer is the black suit, Superman. Superman’s (Henry Cavill) black suit in the comics signified his return from the dead. Seeing how Justice League adapts that storyline very loosely, the different suit for the Man of Steel only makes sense. The black suit was actually one of the first teases for Justice League but didn’t end up making the theatrical cut. Looks like the Snyder Cut will officially include that version of the character, in more than one sequence. The moments between a back form the dead Clark Kent and Lois Lane (Amy Adams) and his mother Martha (Diane Lane) are also incredibly sweet. 

The Snyder Cut looks to restore the original storyline where Darkseid is the major bad guy of the movie, and the League has to unite to defeat him. Each of the heroes also look to be getting their own moments to shine, which adds to their mythos within this universe. The trailer didn’t show, however, the other elements that we thought would be in the Snyder Cut, like Martian Manhunter or Green Lantern. Regardless, the trailer is still a very big deal and definitely changes the entire context of the theatrical Justice League.

Justice League Snyder Cut releases on HBO Max in 2021. 

So what did you think of the Snyder Cut official trailer? Let us know in the comments below. 

Featured image via Screen Grab.


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