The Flash Movie Introduces DC Multiverse In Its Story
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DC FanDome: The Flash Movie Introduces The DC Multiverse Through Its Story

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BY April 28, 2022

With many trailers and first looks at DC Comics properties, the DC FanDome virtual experience had a lot of updates on current productions. One of those updates pertained to a long-awaited DC movie stuck in development for years. The panel during DC FanDome confirmed that The Flash movie introduces the DC Multiverse in its story. The Flash movie will begin production soon and the panel was a way to confirm and reassure fans that the movie is still happening, despite multiple delays.

The Star And Director Attend FanDome Panel For The Flash

The Flash movie introduces DC Multiverse movie. Image via Warner Bros.

Attended by star Ezra Miller and director Andy Muschietti, the panel reveals how The Flash movie introduces the DC Multiverse. The Flash movie was set to begin production years ago with Miller as the star, but a revolving door of the directors over the years delayed the project continuously. Also, uncertainty around the future of the DCEU post-Justice League helped with those delays. With Muschietti finally set as the director, it feels like Warner Bros. wanted to prove that The Flash movie is still something in active development or pre-production.

The panel at DC FanDome also had screenwriter Christina Hodson attending, along with producer Barbara Muschietti. The beginning of the panel dealt with how Muschietti came onboard, and why he was the right choice for The Flash. The panel overall had a very fun and jovial tone. Miller spent most of the time being jokey and goofing off with random facts and asides. The panel then went on to describe how the multiverse fits into the DC universe of TV shows and movies. The biggest takeaway from the panel was just how The Flash movie introduces the DC Multiverse, given how much time they spent discussing it. 

The Flash Movie Introduces DC Multiverse

The Flash movie introduces DC Multiverse batman. Image via Warner Bros.

Preceding The Flash movie panel, DC FanDome held another panel with DC TV-verse creator Greg Berlanti and DC Comics CCO Jim Lee. The panel, named “Multiverse 101,” discussed how the multiverse concept of DC Comics factors into all the various mediums of movies and TV shows in the future, today, and in the past. A clip package from all the DC Comic franchises implied that all the various TV shows and movies are set on various numbered Earths across the Multiverse. 

The Flash movie panel seemingly picks up on the same concepts from the Multiverse panel, explaining how The Flash movie introduces the DC multiverse through its story. With the character of The Flash able to traverse time and space, the movie may be the perfect way to introduce and officially make canon all the various shows and movies as part of the same universe. The clip package during the Flash movie panel featured scenes from both The Watchmen series and movies, the Lego Batman movie, Keanu Reeves’ Constantine, and many other DC Comics properties across all mediums and networks. It would be an ingenious and unprecedented attempt to consolidate all those various franchises into being one large shared ‘universe.’ More amazing is the possibility of those characters even appearing alongside one another in the future. 

A New Suit For A Potentially New Flash

The Flash movie introduces DC Multiverse new suit. Image via Warner Bros.

During The Flash movie panel, director Andy Muschietti also showcased the concept art of a brand new suit for the character. The new suit concept looks more streamlined and one-piece, compared to the bulky suit from Justice League. Muschietti explains how Batman actually designed the new suit in the story of the new movie. And the concept art also shows the 1989 design of Tim Burton’s Batman suit in the background behind the Flash. With two Batmen already confirmed for The Flash movie, it looks like the film is finally moving forward. And in a way that is extremely unique and makes up for all the past delays.

So what did you think about The Flash movie introducing DC Multiverse? Let us know in the comments below.  

Featured image via Warner Bros.


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