The Highlight of DC FanDome Is Matt Reeves’ The Batman Trailer
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The Highlight of DC FanDome Is Matt Reeves’ The Batman Trailer And We’re Sold

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BY August 22, 2020

The clear headliner of the DC Hall of Heroes event was the first look at the new iteration of DC Comics’ and Warner Bros. most identifiable and adapted heroes. During the last “panel” at the DC FanDome event, Matt Reeves’ The Batman dropped its first trailer even with only 25 percent of the movie shot. Still, from what we see in the trailer, fans can get a sense of this movie. What we’ve learned today is that The Batman is a “year two” story. This means that Batman isn’t exactly a brand-new crimefighter, but he’s definitely not the practiced hero at his peak we’re used to seeing. Still, he can take out a made-up street tough pretty quickly. He has what appears to be a tense relationship with the police and his own mission.

One of the most interesting things Matt Reeves said about The Batman during his DC FanDome panel, before releasing the trailer, involved Bruce Wayne’s self-evaluation. “We’re in year two. It’s the Gotham experiment. What can he do that will finally change this place? He is charting what he’s doing, and it’s not having any of the affect that he wants to have,” Reeves said. This is when Paul Dano’s Riddler, one like we’ve “never seen before,” according to Reeves, shows up and starts killing people.

Reeves also revealed a bit about the HBO Max TV series that will follow the Gotham police. A prequel, set during “year one,” it is about the corruption on the force. It will serve as a companion to the film and flesh out this new Gotham city. It will also be an origin story for many of the rogues, which DC hopes to spin off into their own features.

The Trailer for Matt Reeves’ The Batman Leaked Before DC FanDome Event

Matt Reeves' The Batman DC FanDome Trailer Still Robert Pattinson Bruce Wayne Image via Warner Bros.

Two pretty major leaks happened during DC FanDome, with both Matt Reeves’ The Batman trailer and Zack Snyder’s Justice League: The Snyder Cut trailer leaking early. Reeves noticed this, and thanked fans for the collective “OMGs” (and stronger language) going around social media. Still, the panel was worth waiting for, because listening to Reeves talk about this character is heartening for any Bat-fan. It’s clear that Reeves loves this character and the versions that came before it. While he is telling his own story, he wants it to be a blend of the familiar and something unique.

One of the most important things to him were that the Bat-suit and Batmobile seem like things Bruce Wayne could build on his own. Using Wayne Enterprises and Lucius Fox, Christopher Nolan got around that problem. By the time we met Ben Affleck’s Batman he had most of his best toys already. From what we can see from the DC FanDome trailer, Matt Reeves’ The Batman is in this on his own. We faintly hear Andy Serkis’ voice as Alfred, guiding a frustrated Bruce. It seems that, according to his “charting,” Batman is having a negligible effect on crime in the city. Batman is, at this point, doubting his mission as crimefighter.

Pattison also seems well-suited to the role. He’s got the tortured thing going on, but also is capable of more charm that some previous Bruce-s Wayne. Yet, the most exciting thing about this movie, as The Batman movie leaks suggested, is that he’s finally a detective. Reeves cited The French Connection and Chinatown as influences, meaning this is the ‘street-level’ Batman movie fans have wanted for some time.

Watch the DC FanDome Trailer for Matt Reeves’ The Batman from DC FanDome below:

The Batman ceased filming during the COVID-19 shutdown, but they are preparing to resume as soon as its safe. The film is scheduled for a 2021 release.

What did you think? Share your thoughts about the trailer, Pattinson’s Bats, and that bangin’ Michael Giacchino score below.

Featured image via Warner Bros.

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