DC Fandome Black Adam Panel Reveals the Justice Society!
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DC Fandome Black Adam Panel Reveals The Justice Society (But Not Of America?)

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BY August 23, 2020

During the DC Fandome, The Rock finally got to talk about a movie he’s been developing with Warner Bros and DC Comics for ten years: Black Adam. Ever since Warner announced the Rock’s casting, Black Adam quickly became one of the most anticipated movies from the DCeU. We all thought we’d get a glimpse at him during the Shazam! solo movie, but sadly, that didn’t happen. We did get Mister Mind, though, so it was still a win. Dwayne Johnson had a lot to say, including the reveal of actor Noah Centineo as Atom Smasher—a superhero who can grow to the size of skyscrapers. But Atom Smasher isn’t the only hero joining Black Adam.

DC Fandome Black Adam Panel: The Rock Introduces the Justice Society of America

DC Fandome, Black Adam, Justice Society, Justice Society of America, Hawkman, Cyclone, Atom Smasher, Doctor Fate, Shazam! DCeU, The Rock, Noah Centineo Okay, not technically film footage, but still pretty impressive. (Warner Bros/DC Comics)

After claiming that he didn’t want to reveal too much, The Rock went on to reveal a remarkable amount—mainly, an iteration of the Justice Society team. Even though he said people were asking about the “Justice Society of America,” Johnson referred to them only as the “Justice Society” for the rest of the DC Fandome Black Adam panel. It makes sense…Black Adam isn’t from America, and Justice League also dropped the “of America” too. It does work better, not just to make it more global, but as better team names too.

So, who are we getting? First, two classic members, Hawkman and Doctor Fate. These are two powerful characters in their own right, and yet Black Adam is still more powerful. The other two members are “new recruits” to the team: Cyclone, and, of course, Atom Smasher. They’re also very powerful. Black Adam’s role in the Justice Society is simple. He wants to teach them “truth, justice, and the Black Adam Way.” Expect a lot of violence from this one.

The teaser during the DC Fandome Black Adam panel came in two parts, which you can watch below.

(Featured Image: Warner Bros/DC Comics)

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