Dakota Johnson as Madame Web - A look at Spider-Man Character
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Dakota Johnson As Madame Web – A look At Spider-Man Character (Video)

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BY July 22, 2022

One of the Spider-Man Universe movies to look forward to is Madame Web. The character with telepathic powers who can travel between all the dimensions of the Spider-Universe will be on the big screen. Now we could see the first glimpse of Dakota Johnson as the main character, Madame Web. 

This movie has an estimated date of 2023, with a partially defined cast, and apparently, they are already starting the filming process. This is due to recent videos posted by Johnson on her Twitter account, showing what the character will look like in the film. The focus is on this movie, especially on how it will tie in with the Spider-Man universe.

First Look at Dakota Johnson in the Spider-Man Movie Madame Web

Actress Dakota Johnson appeared in a couple of videos on several Twitter accounts showing the first look at her appearance as Madame Web. Although they are short, they show us the look of the character and one of the locations where this story will take place. 

The first video is 8 seconds long and shows the actress in a red coat and dress, peeking out from what looks like a hotel and talking to someone outside. You can see that the character’s appearance is elegant, leading many to presume that the character’s identity is not Cassandra Web. Still, another version of it is called Julia Carpenter.

The second video lasts 13 seconds and shows the character standing at the door, talking and then moderately entering the hotel. We can see the address 159 Kelton St. at the entrance. Despite knowing the location, it is unknown what relevance this location may have in the film.

As for the character, it is presumed to be Julia Carpenter by physical appearance. The first version of Madame Web, Cassandra Web, was a fortune teller, so her clothes were never that elegant. Instead, her successor was an ordinary person who got her powers from Cassandra, who passed them on to her before sacrificing herself to revive Kraven the Hunter. Dakota Johnson, as Madame Web, will be the next character to enter this universe.

What we know so far About Madame Web

Madame Web Cast Image: Marvel

Sony is putting together a web-slinging spider web in the Arachnid universe. This interweaves the stories between the various Spider-Man characters, both in what we’ve seen and are about to see. Firstly we have the chaos caused by the Multiverse and how this led to the Vulture starting a group of villains against the superhero.

The first hint of this was the encounter between Morbius and Vulture in Morbius’s movie post-credit scene. In this, we can see how the Vulture explains to him that a strange phenomenon is occurring worldwide. This also indicates that it may be due to some action of Spider-Man and that he is forming a team to defeat him.

Morbius Trailer Michael Keaton Is that… (Image via Screengrab)

On the other hand, we saw Venom in the movie Spider-Man: Far From Home, making a comment that made it clear that a fight between them could be imminent. Something strange, considering that in that version, the Symbiote never went through Spider-Man but directly through Eddy Brok.

We also have the Kraven the Hunter movie coming out, and we will likely have not only a cameo with Spider-Man but with the film itself starring Dakota Johnson, Madame Web. As mentioned before, Julia Carpenter gets her powers when Cassandra Web offers herself as a sacrifice to save Kraven. We may see this scene in the film, if nothing else, after the credits.

All these movies indicate that a group of villains is against Spider-Man. It may be a new version of the Sinister Five group, who once teamed up in the comics to fight the superhero. Likely, we will also see Julia lending a hand to Peter Parker to emerge victorious from that confrontation. 

Some More Cast Members

Madame Web Cast Image: Marvel

For the time being, the Madame Web movie is still on track, with several names already in the cast, apart from Dakota Johnson. This group includes Sydney Sweeney, Celeste O’Connor, Isabela Merced, Tahar Rahim, Emma Roberts, Mike Epps and Adam Scott. 

The Madame Web movie is already on track for development with the character defined, cast and part of the film’s location, as shown by the lead actress. The production focuses on the second version of Madame Web, Julia Carpenter, and we will see it in theatres on October 6, 2023. 

Featured Image Via Twitter: @dakotaj_updates


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