The New Mutants Comic-Con At Home Panel Reveals Opening Scene
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Comic-Con At Home: The New Mutants Panel Reveals Opening Scene, New Trailer, And Confirms Release Date. Again. 

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BY July 24, 2020

It’s happening! The meta marketing of The New Mutants continues as they confirm the final—most likely final— release date for the movie. The New Mutants Comic-Con At Home panel began with a bang, referencing the movie’s troubled production. The panel confirmed that the movie will still release in theatres, on August 28, 2020. Hopefully. The New Mutants Comic-Con At Home panel also discussed the actors’ experiences and gave audiences an amazing surprise in the end. 

The New Mutants Comic-Con At Home Panel Acknowledges Delays But Looks Forward 

The New Mutants Comic-Con At Home panel Cannonball. Image via Screen Grab.

It’s refreshing seeing the cast of a movie that ended production 2 years ago, still get along so well together. Viewers saw a highly energetic conversation between the director Josh Boone, and the cast. The cast includes Maisie Williams, Charlie Heaton, Henry Zaga, Anya Taylor-Joy, Blu Hunt, and Alice Braga. The opening of the panel acknowledged the problems with its release by running through all the previous release dates scratched out one after the other. The screen then saw comment bubbles from, presumably social media, of fans expressing their frustrations over the constant delays. The final release date was then confirmed as August 28, 2020. In theatres, and not streaming or VOD, as many assumed.

The panel continued by revealing some fanart of the movie’s characters, showing how much fans love this movie, that still hasn’t  released. I’m surprised by the intense fandom behind The New Mutants, given that it’s taking so long to release. Director Josh Boone even joked that an asteroid or something hitting the Earth could cause the next delay. It definitely feels like a curse for the film, but as Boone himself mentioned, seeing that the movie is about a curse too, it might work in its favor. In reality, it will be the COVID-19 pandemic (and whether or not the United States can get it under control) that will determine when theaters reopen. 

Original The New Mutants Artist Offers Nothing But Praise to the Cast

The New Mutants Comic-Con At Home panel poster. Image via Comic Con @ Home.

The New Mutants Comic-Con At Home panel then brought on special guest Bill Sienkiewicz, one of the original artists behind the New Mutants comic book. Boone mentioned how Sienkiewicz was part of the process of bringing the pages of the comic book to live-action during the movie’s production. From his part, Sienkiewicz gave high praise to the young cast of actors who are portraying the comic book characters for the first time in live-action. 

He said:

“I can’t not see the characters I drew without picturing all of you now. I am so honored and proud to know you as people, and also as creative talent.”

The New Mutants Panel Released The Opening Scene Of The Movie!

The New Mutants Comic-Con At Home panel Sunspot. Image via Screen Grab.

After many trailers recut in countless different ways, there wasn’t much that The New Mutants could show to get us excited about its eventual release. It feels like the makers were also aware of this obstacle, so instead, they just released the movie’s opening scene during the panel. The scene was also intercut with an extended, and hopefully final trailer for The New Mutants. Josh Boone presented the footage as a surprise, and to thank fans for their patience. 

Brand New Footage Of The New Mutants Goes All In

The opening scene of the movie features a voice-over narration of a Cherokee parable. There are two beasts within a person. One represents everything good in a person, the other represents everything bad. Each day they tear each other apart for dominance. The narration however skips the moral of that story. Because it’s not the stronger beast that wins each day, but rather the one you feed.

The scene opens on Danielle Moonstar (Blu Hunt) being abruptly awakened by her father, and aggressively evacuated from their home. As they run towards the woods, something large destroys their home and the surrounding area. After seeing her father brutally killed, something massive chases Danielle, only for her to then awaken in a hospital bed, handcuffed. The footage then becomes a brand new trailer which changes the entire perspective of what we thought The New Mutants was. 

The parable reference in the opening scene is about the Demon Bear saga, which is the comic book story arc adapted by the movie. The following trailer gives us brand new footage that shows the transformation of every character into their superhero alter egos. We get to see Maisie Williams’ Rahne fully transform into a wolf. Charlie Heaton’s Cannonball looks cool as hell in many of the scenes from the new trailer. Not to mention Henry Zaga firing up as Sunspot multiple times. The biggest reveal is Anya Taylor-Joy’s Magik taking on the Demon Bear with her magic armor and Soulsword. 

The New Mutants Comic-Con At Home Panel Trailer Criticized For Revealing Too Much

Dani. Image via Screen Grab.

Hours after the new footage of The New Mutants, many criticized it for revealing too much. Which may definitely be the case for fans of The New Mutants comic books. From the footage, Eagle-eyed comic book fans could maybe figure out the story in the movie. But as a general comic book movie enthusiast, I’m as excited as ever for The New Mutants. The footage released makes the movie look a lot more like a full-on superhero movie than any of the trailers before it. Most of The New Mutants’ marketing prior to this leaned heavily on the movie’s horror-thriller aspects. Slow burn story, teases of supernatural or otherworldly abilities, along with deep character development. It’s an entirely different kind of superhero movie. 

Whereas the new trailer may make the movie appeal to a broader range of movie-going audiences. It also doesn’t give away any of the story to viewers not aware of the comic book storyline. The vagueness of the story, along with the stunning visuals can only better serve the movie’s chances when it releases in theatres. Especially since, outside of passionate comic fans, The New Mutants is only known generally as a movie that’s been delayed a bunch of times. They’re showing off that this movie will at least be a thrill-ride.

Check out the footage and the entire The New Mutants Comic-Con At Home Panel below. 

The New Mutants releases in theatres on August 28, 2020.

What did you think of The New Mutants trailer from Comic-Con At Home? Let us know in the comments below. 


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