Kevin Smith's Killroy Was Here Comic-Con Trailer Released
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Comic-Con At Home: Kevin Smith’s Killroy Was Here Horror Anthology Trailer Released

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BY April 28, 2022

Professional talker and the human proof of concept of how to make being a geek into a career, Kevin Smith hosted his own Comic-Con At Home panel. The panel was about all things Kevin Smith, including updates on his current projects, of which there are many. Smith also promoted his brand new Podcast subscription service, as well as the new trailer for his brand new flick. So check out all the details of the panel, along with Kevin Smith’s Killroy Was Here Comic-Con trailer.

Kevin Smith’s Empire Of Geekdom

Kevin Smiths Killroy Was Here Comic-Con trailer Smith. Image via Screen Grab.

Kevin Smith began as an indie director with the runaway hit, Clerks. After being a cinephile who got into the industry, Smith then worked on being as much a professional geek and movie lover, as he did as a director. Over the years Smith’s association with comic book movies, Star Wars, Star Trek, and other geek franchises made him the go-to expert for content. He even leveraged this expertise into the geek-world with countless Podcasts, hosting gigs, moderating panels at Comic-Con, and live shows. So Kevin Smith’s Comic-Con At Home panel was really just that; the Kevin Smith show. It was almost 1 hour of Smith doing what he does best, conversing with the audience. Through the virtual con experience, Smith spent the time giving everyone an update on all the projects he is a part of. 

What About Silent Bob And His Many Projects? 

Smith kicked off things by discussing his latest movie, Jay And Silent Bob Reboot. He mentioned what a unique experience it was to finance and tour his own movie through America, in a unique method of distribution. Jay And Silent Bob Reboot is now streaming on Amazon Prime. Smith’s anime sequel to He-Man, Masters Of The Universe Revelation is very much on track to premiere next year. According to Smith, the basic animation of the first five episodes are also complete, as he praises Powerhouse Animation for their genius. 

Returning to his own properties, Smith updated us on work on the sequel to his 1995 movie Mallrats. Over the years there have been multiple incarnations of the sequel, however, Smith has revamped the project during the pandemic. Then there was the section of the panel that was just Smith hyping his own projects. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with at all. Smith’s own Podcasting subscription service That Kevin Smith Club features all his 13 years’ worth of Podcasts and recorded appearances through his career. People can also experience Mooby’s burgers from the popular fictional restaurant in Smith’s’ movies that came to life as a pop-up restaurant.

The biggest take away from the panel was Kevin Smith’s Killroy Was Here Comic-Con trailer. The new movie from Smith is a comedy-horror anthology that features all of Smith’s trademarks on the big screen. The movie is about a phenomenon of graffiti seen all over the world. The origins of the graffiti are unknown, but it’s the basis for Smith’s new movie.

Kevin Smith’s Killroy Was Here Comic-Con Trailer

Near the end of his panel, Smith debuted the Killroy Was Here Comic-Con trailer, and it was definitely something. The trailer didn’t really divide up the various stories but showcased scenes from all of them. The downside to this was that there wasn’t much in the way of tension or buildup, given that the scenes were snippets of various stories. Kevin Smith’s Kilroy Was Here Comic-Con trailer began with a brief into into the villain known as Killroy, but then just becomes a series of scary and comedic sequences.

The movie features many members of Smith’s camp including long-time friend and co-star Jay Mewes. Then there was another friend, professional WWE Wrestler Chris Jericho. The movie also brings back Smith’s daughter Harley Quinn Smith form his previous Yoga Hosers and Smith’s co-host of his Hollywood Babble-On Podcast, Ralph Garman. Finally, Mister Rogers alum Betty Aberlin is in the cast, playing a role that seems similar to her turn in Smith’s Red State. (She also appeared in Dogma as the nun Loki talks out of her faith.)

The trailer makes Killroy Was Here look like a blend of comedy and horror, with both those concepts seemingly at odds with one another. While it could be easy to write off the trailer as bad, Smith usually makes movies that he enjoys, rather than based on “what others will think.” In a way, this creative style of filmmaking is inspiring as he doesn’t prioritize others’ reactions to his art at the expense of his vision. Smith’s vision has paid off (maybe not with Yoga Hosters) and resonated with fans more often than not. Hopefully this is also the case with Killroy Was Here. 

There is currently no official release date for Killroy Was Here. 

So what did you think about Kevin Smith’s Kilroy Was Here Comic-Con trailer? Let us know in the comments below. 


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