Christian Bale's Gorr Makeup - New Pictures Revealed
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Christian Bale’s Gorr Makeup – New Pictures Revealed

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BY June 19, 2022

New pictures show Christian Bale’s Gorr Makeup. Yes, look carefully because what you see in the pictures is not a shaved head. The author of this masterpiece was Bart Mixon, a popular special makeup effects artist. Mixon has worked on productions engraved in our memories, such as Robocop or the terrifying clown from IT. We know that Bale is the master of physical transformations, and his work in collaboration with Mixon will not leave anyone indifferent. The artist himself has just unveiled some photos (now deleted) of this complex process on his Instagram account, which are incredible. Let’s look at them and get to know some details about the makeup work.

Christian Bale’s Gorr Makeup – New Pictures Revealed

Christian Bale Gorr (Image: Instagram Bart Mixon)

Some pictures of the makeup process of Christian Bale’s Gorr Makeup have just been revealed. The photos were shared by the mastermind behind this work of art, professional makeup artist Bart Mixon. Mixon’s most notable work includes Robocop (1987), and IT (1990). However, he has also worked on recent blockbuster productions such as Civil War (2016), and Avengers Infinity War (2018). The artist shared these pictures on his Instagram account, although now they aren’t available. 

In a series of new images from makeup artist Bart Mixon on Instagram, fans can see part of Bale’s transformation as Gorr the God Butcher. In the caption, he reveals that while the actor was able to shave his head during principal photography for Thor: Love and Thunder, he was unable to do so during reshoots, so they had to outfit him with the bald head, and as Waititi told them, it looks good. 

Christian Bale (Image: Instagram Bart Mixon)

Here we see Christian Bale’s transformation process as Gorr the God Butcher. What is most striking when looking at the images is that there doesn’t seem to be any makeup, just the actor with a shaved head. However, in the copy of the post, the artist explains. “Christian Bale was unable to shave his head for the THOR reshoots – as he had done the year before during principal photography – so a bald cap was required. After seeing our test director, Taika Waititi exclaimed. “that looks great – now we no longer need bald people!”. And added, “Bale was no stranger to prosthetics, have worn them to become VP Chaney in VICE – now he was playing Gorr. Coincidence? I don’t think so…”

Thor: Love and Thunder Marketing Campaign

Marvel Studios and Disney are developing a very low-key marketing campaign for Thor: Love and Thunder. We know little about the plot other than what we saw in the trailer and official posters. We have a little more information with less than a month to go before fans can enjoy the film in theaters. The film’s director, Taika Waititi, has mentioned that romantic novels have inspired him and that Thor will go through a major personal change.

Taika Waititi Image via Gage Skidmore.

In this context, he will have to defeat Gorr, but he will not be a direct opponent to Thor. It is expected that the villain will have a similar tone to Thanos, where the viewer can come to empathize with him. At the moment, we do not know what Gorr’s motivations will be, nor how they will clash with the interests of the Asgardian. However, the appearance of the villain is one of the favorite themes of the MCU at the moment, even becoming a meme due to the Christian Bale’s Gorr makeup.

Gorr Image: Marvel Studios)

The official trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder finally introduced the character that Bale will play. However, by not revealing any additional details of the character’s plot, fans have focused on his appearance and the actor playing him. Another aspect that stirred the waters is how little resemblance the result of the makeup looks to the Marvel comics character.

Who is Gorr the God butcher Image via Marvel Comics

Some have compared Gorr to Voldemort due to his pale appearance and hairless head. Despite this, it is appreciated that Marvel has opted to use a real actor and not a CGI villain as we are used to in the MCU. Christian Bale Gorr’s makeup has caught the attention of many and is that we are no longer used to seeing real actors embodying certain characters. 

A Long-awaited Premiere

In these images, we could see the process of creating Christian Bale’s Gorr makeup, which Marvel Studios did in the United States. The movie’s filming took place in Australia, so they must be making last-minute adjustments. Bale most likely couldn’t shave his head due to other roles he is doing. Luckily artist Bart Mixon was able to recreate this shaved head without the need to leave the actor hairless. 

Thor Love & Thunder Trailer (Image: Marvel Studios)

No doubt the release of Thor: Love and Thunder are going to fill theaters this summer. The Asgardian is a beloved character among MCU fans. In addition, an actor like Christian Bale is a significant incentive to bring another type of audience to the cinema. We will be able to see the movie next July 8, and finally, unveil what will be the fate of the God of Thunder.

Featured Image Via Marvel Instagram/Bart Mixon



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