Chris Pratt's Mario Voice Is Causing Controversy
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Chris Pratt’s Mario Voice Is Causing Controversy

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BY October 15, 2022

After the movie trailer release, Chris Pratt’s Mario Voice is causing controversy.

The new Mario movie production being developed by Nintendo in conjunction with Illumination is causing a lot of expectations. Considering how famous the character is in the world of gamers and how much they like all his games. As for the plot, it seems that it will not vary much from the game, with the plumber trying to defeat the dragon Bowser to save Princess Peach and the Mushroom kingdom.

The game’s animations were widely applauded, but the voices did get a lot of buzz on the interwebs. Mainly due to the voice and accent of the main character. Mario is played by the British actor Chris Pratt, and for many, this showed a lackluster Mario.

The main reason for this criticism is the accent that Pratt gives to the character. Considering that the plumber was always presented with an Italian voice, for many, it was logical that he would have that characteristic. However, due to his origin, the actor could not reproduce it, which generated this inconvenience in the trailer.

Expert Declares the Problem With Chris Pratt’s Mario Voice

New Mario Movie Trailer Image: Nintendo

The accent problem between the actor and Mario is a topic that is becoming a trend. Amy Pritchett, the manager of a language learning company, commented in a press release that searches for “Chris Pratt accent” and “Mario accent” are increasing by the minute. This controversy started after the voice shown by the protagonist in the short time of the trailer.

Parks and Recreation Reunion Image via NBC

The expert said several reasons for this effect on searches and discontent among the public. She pointed out that respecting the characters’ accents is always important as choosing the right actor. It is not that Chris Pratt did a bad job, but he was not the right one for Mario. She clarified that the best option was to hire an Italian actor who spoke English for this film.

The Expert Statements

Chris Pratt Mario Movie Image: Nintendo

Pritchett analyzed the situation that began, “With searches for ‘Mario accent’ having spiked by 838% in the past week. It’s clear to see the huge reaction this casting has caused, and it’s important to remember that the film industry has a huge responsibility to make sure that languages and cultures are protected. Mario is a well-known Italian plumber who is a fan favorite in Nintendo games, including Super Mario and Mario Kart. With the new Mario movie, we are seeing the debate among actor over character identity, especially with the accent of Mario”.

She continued, “Dubbing can bring huge challenges for movies, especially in the casting of a native speaker with the correct accent. Searches for ‘Chris Pratt accent’, who is the English voice actor for Mario, have increased by 214% in the past month after the trailer launched with Mario not having the iconic Italian accent that would be expected of the character”.

Concluding, “Whilst it’s important that voice actors don’t put on an accent using stereotypes, many Mario fans are questioning why producers didn’t pick an English-speaking Italian actor to become the voice and take on the character.”

Will Nintendo be in Trouble for Pratt’s Voice?

Image via Marvel Studios

Pritchett also commented in her analysis on the future of the movie. The expert commented that the accent is a serious issue, especially whether Nintendo would face a real problem with the voice. The company must solve this, considering the explosion it caused in most fans.

She commented that it is likely that the production will alter the recordings with sound effects to be more accurate to the character. It is similar to Sonic The Hedgehog, where they had to fix the main character’s voice. Another option he contemplates is to re-record the voices with another actor. This is because she considers that a simulation by Pratt would be exaggerated and not look natural.

Chris Pratt Mario Movie Image: Nintendo

Despite this aspect that sounded a lot, Pritchett commented that otherwise, the film looks to be a great success. Considering that they are sticking to the original plot of the games, which fans like a lot. Another element that stands out is the voices of the other characters. Such as Bowser and Princess Peach, which are quite similar.

After seeing the trailer, one element that stands out, as well as the fans, is the quality of the animations. This lightens Nintendo’s load a bit, as they have a passing grade on the graphics side. The only problem they have is Mario’s voice, which they must determine the best way to solve and create an authentic voice.  

Featured Image Via Nintendo




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