Chris Hemsworth’s New Netflix Movie Is Now Called Extraction
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Chris Hemsworth’s New Netflix Movie Dhaka, Is Now Called Extraction, With Extra Action

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BY February 22, 2020

Originally titled Dhaka, Chris Hemsworth’s new Netflix movie Extraction looks like an action packed adventure. The newly released first look images of the movie showcase Hemsworth in his non-Thor look. The actor looks lean and mean and admittedly has been through hell with the movie’s action scenes. While the images definitely give a great idea of what to expect from the new movie, the comments from star Hemsworth, and debutant director Sam Hargrave together, make it more interesting.

Chris Hemsworth’s New Netflix Movie Holds A Lot Of Appeal

Hemsworth’s new Netflix movie has had fans excited for a while, for a few interesting reasons. The original Netflix movie holds a lot of appeal given that it’s one of the first new projects that Avengers: Endgame directors the Russo Brothers are a part of, post-Endgame. Jose Russo has writing credit of Extraction, but both the Russo Brothers produced it. So excitement and anticipation were high to see the Russos taking on another project after their MCU films. Another reason for the excitement was due to the new Netflix movie’s director, Sam Hargrave. While Extraction is Hargrave’s first directorial project, he has worked as a stunt coordinator, and stunt double on many of Marvel Studios’ films. He’s even been the stunt double for Chris Evans’ Captain America on numerous occasions. Which is why comments like the below, make me incredibly excited for Extraction.

“You’re talking about doing a stunt and it looks a little hairy, and he all of a sudden demonstrates and throws himself off the hill or into the wall and you’re like, ‘OK, I guess I can’t not show up now.’ ”

—Hemsworth on director Hargrave.

Many Name Changes Happened For Extraction, Before It Was Extraction

Extraction was not always the title of the film, known initially as Dhaka. This is because the movie’s story takes place in the South Asian country of Bangladesh. The capital city of the country is Dhaka City. However, since then, the movie became Out Of The Fire, which IMDb lists as the movie’s title still. During the exclusive first look images released on USA Today, however, the film is now Extraction.

What Is Chris Hemsworth’s New Netflix Movie All About

Extraction’s story takes place in Bangladesh but most of the production happened in India and Thailand. The movie follows the story of a black market mercenary (Hemsworth) with a troubled and violent past. When he’s hired to rescue the son of an international crime lord, his past returns. And he has to find a way to deal with it. Hemsworth’s character then has to go into the unknown territories of Bangladesh to find the young man, and whatever obstacles pop up in his way. There, and back.

Along for the ride with Chris Hemsworth is David Harbour (Stranger Things, Black Widow) and Derek Luke (Empire) not to mention some notable Bollywood industry actors as well. Bollywood stars Randeep Hooda (Beeba Boys, Monsoon Wedding) and Pankaj Tripathi (Sacred Games, Mirzapur) are also in the movie. The first look images show a behind the scenes shot of Hemsworth about to get violent with Harbour, along with Hargrave supervising. While these are the first look images for Hemsworth’s new movie, the actor has been posting behind the scenes stills on his Instagram for a while now.

Chris Hemsworth's new Netflix movie Extraction Image via Jasin Boland / Netflix

Hemsworth Hasn’t Had The Best Luck With Other Non MCU Movies

Despite being one of the biggest movie stars in the world, Chris Hemsworth hasn’t found much success outside of the MCU. The actor is notable one of the bigger MCU stars to parle his fame into more opportunities. But many of those have been hit and miss. While enjoyable and being middling in commercial and critical success, they haven’t cemented his status as a bankable star. His attempts at big franchise films like Snow White was not what one would have expected.

Even his most recent role as part of an attempt to bring back the Men In Black franchise was a summer disappointment. Hemsworth even attempted many random action entertainers like Blackhat and Bad Times At The El Royal. But none of them gained the actor much traction. So here’s hoping that Extraction will be the movie that does it for him, especially the amount of care going into the making of the movie.

Extraction will be streaming on Netflix on April 24. 

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