Chaos Walking Trailer Brings One Of The Year's Most Anticipated Movies
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Chaos Walking Trailer Shows Daisy Ridley As Only Woman In A World Where Men’s Thoughts Aren’t Private

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BY April 28, 2022

One of the biggest action movie directors is back with a cool new movie. Doug Liman, the man behind Mr. And Mrs. Smith, Edge Of Tomorrow, and The Bourne Identity has a new movie based on a best-selling book series, starring Daisy Ridley and Tom Holland as the leads. The recently released Chaos Walking trailer features some mind-bending concepts and genuinely looks like an exciting one. It helps that the leads are the most likable genre-favorite actors of the last 10 years. Not to mention some of the heavyweight supporting actors surrounding them. The Chaos Walking trailer has got me pumped for this sci-fi action flick that has a very socially relevant premise. 

Chaos Walking Comes From A Sci-Fi Book Series

Chaos Walking trailer Ridley Image via Lionsgtate.

The movie is based on a best-selling book series by Patrick Ness. The series is all about a dystopian world where every living being can hear each other’s thoughts. The Chaos Walking trailer has a cool effect for how those thoughts are not only heard but also visualized as well. The story of the book series is a pretty interesting one. The title of the movie and the series comes from a line in the book. The line says how the men who don’t have their thoughts filtered, are just chaos walking. 

It’s an entirely interesting premise and a very unique concept. Especially that the story in the trailer begins when a woman arrives on this world devoid of women. But one where she can see and hear every man’s thoughts around her. Oh, it’s instant anxiety to even hear the premise, much less see how it all plays out in the layers of this seemingly thrilling plot. 

The Chaos Walking Trailer Is A Mind-Bending Thriller If I’ve Ever Seen One

The trailer for Chaos Walking is exciting and totally watchable on repeat for the way it pulls you in. The trailer opens with a woman (Daisy Ridley) crashing onto a planet on a ship. She right away meets a young man (Tom Holland) whose thoughts she can instantly hear and see. Meeting others, she learns that this is ‘noise’, and how every man on this world has their thoughts, shown out loud. One of these men (Mads Mikkelsen) also informs her that all the women in this world are, apparently, all dead. 

He’s clearly lying, and the entire vibe of the trailer makes it obvious that there’s more to the story than what they’re telling her. What happens next is a flurry of images as Ridley and Holland’s characters seem to be on the run from the rest of the men in this world. He apparently has a power, while she’s the only woman who can see a bunch of men’s thoughts making her an obvious threat. Especially if they have something to hide, which they so obviously do. There also seems to powers involved, a town of women led by Cynthia Erivo and aliens. Apparently, thousands of aliens. She was on a ship in space, remember?

The Premise Of The Movie Feels Like A Statement

Chaos Walking trailer Oyelowo Image via Lionsgtate.

With everything that’s happened in the world post #MeToo, the premise of Chaos Walking feels a little on the nose. I mean, a woman alone in a world full of men is one thing, but one where no man can hide their thoughts or intentions from her, is pretty damn interesting. Ridley’s character can assess everyone’s true nature right off the bat, given that they are unable to hide anything from her. Who to trust, who to be cautious of, and who to stay away from, is something she can figure out immediately upon meeting a new person. It’s a very cool premise, and how that will be used to interestingly present conflicts and move the story forward in a sci-fi way is very curious. 

One Thing About This New Movie Concerns Me

Chaos Walking trailer Jonas. Image via Lionsgtate.

When the trailer initially starts, it feels like the movie’s story centers around the Ridley character. The only woman amongst a world of men. Clearly, she’ll be the undoing of the status quo or reveal whatever they have to hide. The catalyst in the story, for sure. So it’s got me rolling my eyes a little when you start hearing about how Holland’s character has an unknown power, that they can’t let out. I mean, this is just the trailer, so I don’t want to jump to conclusions. However, if this ends up being a story where the only girl in the movie ends up taking a backseat to the prominence of the male character… I’ll be a little irked. Especially, when Ridley has kind of gone through something similar in the Star Wars sequel trilogy. Yea, I said it. 

Chaos Walking Has Some Top Shelf Talent

Chaos Walking trailer Mikkelsen Image via Lionsgtate.

On top of the two main leads, Chaos Walking has a stellar cast. With accomplished director Liman behind the screen, the movie is already highly anticipated. But now add Mikkelsen to the cast as, what looks like, the movie’s main antagonist, and you’ve really got something. Rounding out the cast are the likes of Nick Jonas, David Oyelowo, and Erivo, making this, one of the most anticipated movies of 2021. 

Chaos Walking was set to release on January 2021, but the new trailer just says ‘Coming Soon’. 

So how did you feel about the Chaos Walking trailer? Are you as excited as I am? Let me know in the comments below. 

Featured Image via Lionsgate Movies. 


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