Boss Level Trailer Does The Time Loop Again With Frank Grillo
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Boss Level Trailer Does The Time Loop Again In An Action Setting With Frank Grillo

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BY April 25, 2022

The time loop concept is fast becoming a genre of movies in and of itself. Since Groundhog Day, we’ve seen many movies take advantage of this concept of characters stuck in a time loop, with varying results. Almost every major TV series in the past 20 years has done an episode on a time loop. From The X-Files to Supernatural and even blockbuster movies in every genre from Source Code to Edge Of Tomorrow. One could easily argue that TENET is something of a time-loop. Even within the genres, the stories differ enough to stay fresh, like the horror Happy Death Day or the recent rom-com Palm Springs. But now, the concept is slightly different with what looks like an outrageous B-movie in the Boss Level trailer. And The B-movie comment is not a criticism but a point of excitement actually. 

The Boss Level Trailer Is So Much Fun

Boss Level trailer Yeoh. Image via Eagle Films.

Starring Frank Grillo from movies like Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the Boss Level trailer wastes no time. Unlike other trailers for these kinds of movies, Boss Level gets right to the point with Grillo’s character narrating that he’s reliving the same day over and over. He is aware that he is in a time loop, and has nothing to lose. The tortured hero lost his lover and doesn’t seem to care that he’s stuck. Until, (plot twist!) he realizes that his lover (Naomi Watts) is still alive, giving him something to fight for and try to get out of this loop. 

In the trailer, Grillo is a special forces guy whom a bad guy kills, and somehow intentionally sticks him in the loop? So everyday that he dies, it’s slightly different, with a variety of people trying to kill him, in a variety of ways. There’s a whole lot of action sequences that feature amazing scenes of explosions, guns, swords, and fistfights. The cast of the Boss Level trailer is a little nuts too. Comedian Ken Jeong joins Grillo, along with Michelle Yeoh (Star Trek: Discovery), and Mel Gibson as the main baddie. There’s even a really cool Captain America reference thrown in the end of the trailer as well. 

Why The This Trailer Is Different Than The Others

Boss Level trailer action. Image via Eagle Films.

Honestly, there’s nothing that unique about the Boss Level trailer that differs too much from the usual time loop movie. But unlike others who really try to sell you a genuine dramatic, horror, romantic premise using the formula as a backdrop, Boss Level really gets into it. The trailer shows all the fun and unique ways that Grillo gets killed every single day before he resets. The movie even references the time loop idea multiple times, for hilarious punch lines. It knows it’s a crazy thrill ride, and leans in and revels in it.

For an action flick, it does not seem to take itself too seriously at all. Which is perfectly fine. Even the name of the movie refers to a video game-style of fighting, where you go through multiple levels to get to the boss. Boss Level’s director Joe Carnahan is the guy behind movies like The A-Team and The Grey. Both movies, despite their critical reception were very exciting and enjoyable to watch. And boy, does Boss Level look like a whole lot of fun as well. 

Boss Level releases on Hulu sometime in 2021. 

What did you think about the Boss Level trailer? Are you down for another time loop movie? Let me know in the comments below. 

Featured image via Eagle Films. 


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