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Borderlands Movie Release Date Officially Revealed

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BY July 20, 2023

Sonic and Mario proved that video game movies can go well. I mean, The Mario Movie was a record-breaker. And, a second movie is already on its way. Now, we got the Borderlands movie release date.

I’ll confess I was worried about the franchise. It’s easily among my favorite franchises of all time. Yet, Gearbox seemed to forget about it after Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. And, the movie didn’t release many updates. So, I was relieved to read the announcement tweet.

Let’s dive into it and the fans’ reaction.

Borderlands movie release date confirmed for August 2024

Earlier today, the film’s official Twitter account released the image you see in the cover. It showed the movie title with an August 9, 2024 release date. It also showed the cast, including Jack Black and Jamie Lee Curtis.

This was great news since the recent controversy related to Craig Mazin. This adds to other concerns about the movie. For instance, it’s gone through several writers. It even announced a reshoot with a new director.

Definitely, this might relieve some fans. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t the chickens just yet.

A balanced cast that could help the Borderlands movie

The cast shown in the announcement image is fairly promising. We have Jack Black, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Kevin Heart. They can carry the franchise’s comedy fairly well. And, we have Florian Munteanu, Ariana Greenblatt, and Cate Blanchett. They might add more seriousness.

However, some comments aren’t excited about the cast. As you can see above, some complain about it. They’re essentially afraid of it becoming a cookie-cutter comedy film. After all, it’s very prone to falling victim to the Marvel humor formula. After all, the Borderlands movie release date doesn’t give much way. We might see them cut corners with that.

I can’t say I blame them.

Fans’ reaction to the Borderlands Movie release date reveal

The film has been in production hell for a while. Plus, fans are already predisposed to the video game movie curse. So, the comments weren’t too optimistic. Sure, some comments were hyped. Some even expressed hype.

Sadly, many fans have opted for the cynical perspective. Of course, they have a solid point. Some cite the cast, others the setbacks and lack of updates. Those aren’t the biggest fears, though. Some seemingly positive comments paint a darker picture.

You see, some commenters mentioned they just want it to be better than Borderlands 3. If you’re a fan, you know it was a controversial entry. According to fans, the last entry was the weakest. One of the reason was perceived “political correctness.”

Now, I can’t say I saw much of it. Though, we might see the film lean more in this direction. If that’s the case, they might lose a lot of people.

In the end, Borderlands is a tough game to adapt to film. Many of its core attractions are hard to translate into film. That said, I’ll still watch it.

I’ll probably enjoy it, too.

Featured Image Credit: @BorderlandsFilm



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