Blue Beetle First Impressions, The New DC Movie Under Radar
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Blue Beetle: The First Impressions Of The New DC Movie

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BY August 13, 2023

The movie Blue Beetle will soon be in theaters, and there are already some publications about the first impressions of this production. All the comments are positive, although they are not from official critics or sites such as Rotten Tomatoes.

However, the fact that they are all positive offers Warner and DC Studios a hope of profitable production, considering the massive flop of The Flash and Shazam 2. It is likely that shortly we will also have the official comments from movie review sites that may agree with these first impressions. 

First Impressions of Blue Beetle

New Blue Beetle Suit Image via Warner Bros.

The movie Blue Beetle will have its premiere on August 18, 2023, and we already have the first impressions. The movie stars Xolo Maridueña, one of the main characters of the Netflix series Cobra Kai. Despite being a week away from its premiere, several comments and first impressions of the film already exist. Many place it as DC’s redemption filming after the failure of The Flash, while others place it as an incredible production.

The comments are from fans who have seen the trailer and some leaks of the movie, so they are not as reliable as those made by critics. A reference to the latter is those initial statements that placed The Flash as the best superhero movie in the world and were quite short. 

One of the Blue Beetle first impressions was from critic Steven Weintraub, who said: “Happy to report @angelmanuelsoto’s #BlueBeetle was so much better than I expected. He’s added his own flavor to the superhero genre by having the film focus on a tight-knit family and Latino culture. It’s fun, extremely funny, and he got away with a few jokes that floored me.”.

“Happy to finally share #BlueBeetle is everything I hoped it would be! @angelmanuelsoto filled the film with the heart of Latin Culture and focused on the importance of family and believing in yourself against all odds. It’s the best film to come out of the DCU since Wonder Woman!”.

Last DC Movie Further Details

Blue Beetle is the film that shows the origin of the hero Blue Beetle from Jaime Reyes’ version. The story chronicles the life of this young recent college graduate looking for his first job to support his family. However, one of the company employees he interviewed gave him a box that would change his life.

An alien scarab chose the young man as its carrier in it, giving him the armor and causing a somewhat bumpy first flight. The young woman then explains that she was trying to hide this alien entity from a corporation seeking to use it as a military weapon.

This will lead Jaime and the rest of the Reyes family to confront this organization, forcing the protagonist to explore the abilities offered by his new suit to fight the armada that tries to kidnap his family to force him to hand over the scarab.

As for the cast, we have Xolo Maridueña as Jaime Reyes and the Blue Beetle. There is also Bruna Marquezine as Jenny Kord, the young woman who delivers the insect to the protagonist. Susan Sarandon plays the role of Victoria Kord, the main villain in this film. In addition, there is Damian Alcazar as Alberto Reyes, Becky G representing Khaji-Da.

Another fact pointed out in Blue Beetle first impressions was the lack of cameos. In the last movies, we could see the fleeting appearances of Wonder Woman, played by Gal Gadot, and Ben Affleck in his last appearance as Batman. However, Blue Beetle doesn’t seem to have any connection to these DCEU characters. This raises the question of whether DC executives are adapting the plot for the reboot of this comic book world’s history following the release of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.  

Will Blue Beetle be in the new DC?

James Gunn Twitter Spat Image via Screengrab

One question that arises after Blue Beetle first impressions in the new DC that James Gunn and Peter Safran are building. It should be noted that these filmmakers were brought on board at DC and Warner after the film’s announcement. Therefore, their future is unknown at the moment.

However, several rumors suggest that the character would continue in the new DC, although its subsequent presentation would not be immediate. This considering Gunn’s statements, indicated that both the actor and the character have a place in the new DC. We must also consider the character’s trajectory in the comics since he was trained by Batman in the comics and integrated into the Titans.

For this reason, his appearance would be after the movie Batman: Brave and Bold in 2025. However, it would also have to wait for the impact of this production of the new hero to determine if it is attractive to the public.

Featured Image Via Warner Bros. 


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