The Bloodshot Trailer Reveals A Mind-Bending Adventure for Vin Diesel
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The Bloodshot Trailer Reveals A Mind-Bending Superhero Venture for Vin Diesel

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BY April 28, 2020

The Bloodshot trailer dropped today, revealing Vin Diesel in his first live-action superhero role. The actor who voices Groot in the MCU takes on a very different comic book role as Ray Garrison (aka Bloodshot). Garrison is a former soldier who dies, then resurrects under mysterious circumstances.  The nanotechnology that saves him also grants him superhuman abilities. The movie is based on the comic book of the same name, published in the 90’s by Valiant Comics.

What Does The Bloodshot Trailer Tell Us About The Movie?

This trailer appears to set up a fairly straightforward sci-fi action movie. Former soldier attempts to return to civilian life with his beautiful wife. Both of them die under mysterious circumstances. A mysterious organization (Project Rising Spirit) resurrects soldier using advanced technology. In this case, nanites give Garrison super-healing, along with enhanced strength and shape-shifting abilities. Soldier then goes on a killing spree as he seeks revenge on those that killed his wife. But the surrealistic nature of the trailer subverts expectations of a standard sci-fi action movie. The scenes double back upon themselves and repeat.

There are plenty of mind-games at work in the Bloodshot trailer. In a bit of eternal recurrence, it appears that Garrison is continually having his memories wiped. Project Rising Spirit has manipulated him into a weapon to use against their enemies. Once Garrison wakes up to this fact, his vengeance turns to the people who made him into a superpowered killing machine. Director Dave Wilson has said that Bloodshot will be a cross between Robocop and Memento. This makes the casting of Guy Pearce – as the man behind Project Rising Spirit – intentionally meta (and kind of amazing).

The trailer also teases a snippet of a battle with Sam Heughan’s character – Corporal Harlan “So Long” Shifflet. The Outlander star will play another cyber-enhanced soldier who is likely sent to take Bloodshot down after he goes rogue. Back in June, Heughan gave an interview with Parade where he teased his role in the film. “I play a Navy SEAL who’s been through some trauma and has been changed by technology and made into a better soldier. It’s an amazing part, to be honest. Very, very different to what I’m used to playing.”

Sam Heughan in Bloodshot Trailer Sam Heughan in the Bloodshot Trailer | Image via screengrab

Is This The Beginning of Sony’s Valiant Cinematic Universe?

The character of Bloodshot first appeared towards the end of Eternal Warrior #4, published by Valiant Comics in 1992. The character was the creation of Kevin VanHook, Don Perlin, and Bob Layton. He made appearances in the Rai comics before starring in his own comic book series. He is one of Valiant’s most popular and beloved superheroes, making him the ideal choice for a new franchise.

In 2015, Sony announced a multi-movie deal with Valiant Comics to bring their characters and properties to life on the big screen. Bloodshot was on their list of releases, as well as an adaptation of Harbinger. In 2018, Vin Diesel teased this endeavor by saying “Sony is finally going to lead the charge in the superhero movies of the future because they’re incorporating a part of reality and incorporating issues that exist in society and embedding them into a quote-unquote superhero movie.”

However, recently Paramount picked up the rights for Harbinger and it appears that Bloodshot will stand alone. Since Disney and Sony recently struck a new deal to share Spider-Man, it is possible that Sony is less concerned about building a new comic book universe of their own.

Bloodshot is set for release on February 21, 2020. What do you think about the Bloodshot trailer? Join the conversation with Comic Years on Facebook or Twitter.

(Featured image via Valiant Comics.)


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