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Bioshock Movie Gets Its Director And Writer

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BY October 2, 2022

Netflix’s BioShock movie has purportedly gotten a director and a writer. Both of them have dealt with different high-budget franchises. For example, The Hunger Games and Marvel’s Logan. A BioShock film has been one of Hollywood’s incredible gaming white whales given the substantial idea of its story, the rich setting of Rapture, and significantly more. A movie adaptation nearly occurred in the mid 2010s. Some of the biggest actors were tied to the work. Names like Andrew Garfield and Ryan Gosling all purportedly fought for the job. Gore Verbinski (Pirates of the carribean) set as director. However, it suffered rejection because of monetary worries and the planned R-rating.

Netflix is handling the BioShock movie

Bioshock Source: Eurogamer

So, recently, Netflix affirmed it would be taking a chance at a BioShock film. Presently, the company has affirmed that Hunger Games establishment chief Francis Lawrence will coordinate the image. This couples with screenplay from Logan and Blade Runner 2049 writer, Michael Green. Both have gotten enormous commendation for their works in adjusting and making spin-offs of hugely adored stories. As per Deadline, Lawrence is right now chipping away at The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes. This schedules to deliver in 2023. It’s normal that Lawrence will complete his commitments to that movie before this one. Meanwhile, Green writes the content so Lawrence can move straightforwardly into the BioShock film when his timetable opens up. This probably implies the film won’t come out until 2024 or 2025. That being said, we know nothing else.

The BioShock movie comes as one of many key computer game transformations for Netflix. The organization just delivered the first season of its Resident Evil series. Netflix is presently attempting to adjust PlayStation’s Horizon franchise as a TV series too. The decoration positively has enormous aspirations, particularly given the assumptions for BioShock. Whether the film becomes great is not yet clear, yet Netflix is putting a stalwart group behind it. Netflix’s Twitter post stated:

“BioShock — our live-action feature film adaptation of the renowned video game franchise — will be directed by Francis Lawrence (I Am Legend, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Slumberland) from a script written by Michael Green (Logan, Blade Runner 2049, American Gods)”

Bioshock is a popular and successful video game

Bioshock Source: Nintendo

We all know what Bioshock is. The first-person sci-fi horror shooter, developed in 2007 by Irrational Games (temporarily known as 2K Boston) and 2K Australia, cast players as Jack, a man who survives a catastrophic plane crash over the Atlantic Ocean and finds the city of Rapture, a dystopian Art Deco metropolis at the bottom of the sea that was inspired by the Objectivist writings of Ayn Rand. George Orwell works also served as an inspiration for the game. As he looks for a route home, Jack must there deal with the genetically changed inhabitants of the crumbling metropolis. A critical and economic success, the game served as one of the most recognizable of its generation. It also became the inspiration for two sequels, BioShock 2 (2010) and BioShock Infinite (2013).

The game BioShock garnered a lot of positive reviews from critics who appreciated its gameplay, themes, graphic design, and location in particular. It is regarded as one of the best video games ever created. People also see how video games we can consider an art form. Two sequels to Bioshock, BioShock 2 and BioShock Infinite, were produced and released in 2010 and 2013, respectively. Following its console releases, Bioshock was ported to macOS and smartphones. As a part of BioShock: The Collection, a remastered version of the game became available for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

What do you think about the Bioshock movie? Did you play the games. Do you enjoy video games? And what do you think about Lawrence and Green? Share your comments with us below!



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