Bill And Ted 3 Teaser Is Nostalgic While Also Raising Some Questions
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Bill And Ted Face The Music Teaser Is Nostalgia At Its Best While Also Raising Some Questions

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BY May 20, 2022

The Bill And Ted 3 teaser brings back one of the most beloved movies of the early ’90s. Simmering for 30 years, the Bill And Ted franchise is returning to theatres continuing the story of the original films. The original stoner sci-fi comedy spawned a successful sequel and a lifelong cult following. After years of attempts to put together a second sequel, Bill and Ted 3: Face The Music, will be releasing in theatres this summer. 

The Bill And Ted Franchise Was Totally Tubular

Bill And Ted 3 teaser original movie. Images via Orion Pictures

Bill And Ted’s Excellent Adventure released in 1989 and was a perfect example of movies of that time. The family-friendly adventure comedy occasionally strayed into bizarre and fantastical realms and was all the better for it. The story was about two high school slackers, Bill (Alex Winter) and Ted (Keanu Reeves) whose music will one day unite the world into a utopia. However, they first have to pass a history assignment and not fail out of high school to make sure they’re not separated. Since they are two of the most important people in history, folks in the future send them Rufus (George Carlin) to give them a unique way to study history firsthand. 

After being given a time machine, the two have insane adventures through the past. They end up meeting many historical figures, not to mention their true loves. The sequel, Bill And Ted’s Bogus Journey was even wilder, as a villain from the future sought to prevent their destinies. This one had killer robots and the Grim Reaper (William Sadler) himself. The movie ends with the two finally fulfilling their destiny to create the song that unites the world. (Or did it?) Along with the films, the franchise spawned a Saturday morning cartoon voiced by the actors themselves!

Bill And Ted 3 Teaser Is A Direct Result Of How Beloved The Originals Were

Bill And Ted 3 teaser cast Images via Orion Pictures

The adventures of Bill And Ted were significant for its time, despite its lighthearted tone. On the surface, the movies feature two slacker buddies, accidentally traipsing through a full-blown movie about time travel, Abraham Lincoln, killer robots, and the existential concepts of philosophy and death. But beneath the surface, they were the quintessential fantasy flick of that era. The movie was part of the 80’s time travel craze, joining movies like Back To The Future. It’s also responsible for giving audiences worldwide, the awesome-ness that is Keanu Reeves. Coincidentally, Bill And Ted 3 is one of two iconic franchises with Reeves to return, with Matrix 4 currently in production. 

Were Bill And Ted Stoners? A Philosophical Debate

Bill And Ted 3 teaser daughters Images via Orion Pictures

The Bill And Ted franchise was in a subgenre of comedy that is the ‘stoner movie’. Although Bill and Ted are never explicitly shown in either of their movies as partaking in cannabis. However, their relaxed attitudes, lack of focus, and spacey demeanor lead many to assume that the characters are ripping bong hits just off-screen. It’s actually a debate that rages to this day. Regardless, the movie is among the greatest stoner comedies that include Cheech & Chong and Harold & Kumar. It will be interesting to see if they answer this question in the new film, especially since there is much less stigma about cannabis education and marijuana usage today.

Bill And Ted 3 Teaser Is Nostalgic In All The Right Ways

Alex Winter & Keanu Reeves Images via Orion Pictures

The Bill And Ted 3 teaser released recently on Orion Films YouTube channel is a short one. The teaser provides a very brief overview of what we can expect from the new Bill And Ted Face The Music. The teaser begins with the Orion Pictures logo, who was the original studio behind the first two films. That alone brings back all the nostalgia for audiences. The teaser continues as a middle-aged Bill and Ted deal with how their music has not yet united the world as expected.

So they embark on another time-traveling adventure, this time, seemingly into the future. The plan is to steal their own song, from themselves, to bring it back to the past and create their utopia. The teaser showcases the glory moments from the previous films, as the boys, (now men) riff in the air with the Reaper, spread their message of love to the world, while completely clueless through it all. 

So Many Questions After The Bill and Ted 3 Teaser

Despite the Bill And Ted 3 teaser being awesome, it definitely raises some questions about the franchise. The biggest of which is that the ending of the second movie, Bill And Ted’s Bogus Journey seemingly solved the plot of this new film. Bill and Ted learned how to play guitar, came back to the present day, and wrote the song that brings about utopia. So it’ll be interesting to see if that ending is no longer canon in Face The Music. 

There are also smaller questions, such as if there will be a new Rufus, the role originally played by the late George Carlin. Rufus is the one who provides Bill and Ted with the phone booth time machine, which is clearly seen in the new Bill And Ted 3 teaser. So who gives them the time machine this time around? Initial reports of the new movie also had Bill and Ted’s daughters, played by Brigette Lundy-Paine and Samara Weaving, as having prominent roles in the sequel. But the teaser only features one shot of the girls. Granted, this is a teaser, so more story may unfold in the full trailer, once that releases. 

Are you down for the new Bill And Ted Face The Music? Let us know in the comments below. 


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