Avatar Way of Water Box Office Could Hit 2 Billion
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Avatar: The Way Of Water Could Hit 2 Billion In Box Office

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BY January 9, 2023

Avatar: The Way of Water just placed as the highest-grossing film in box office produced in 2022. It surpassed Top Gun: Maverick, which had grossed more than $1.4 billion in theaters. This raises expectations for the film’s potential not only to generate profits, but also to encourage the production to create a new sequel. 

The opening was modest, since it only earned $77 million dollars in the first week of its release. Not very much, considering that it should have at least surpassed $100 million in this period. Apparently, the moral that slow and steady is better applies in this case.

It started off slow, but gradually increased its gross to over a billion dollars before the end of the year. Now the production is looking for it to be able to bill more than 2 billion dollars. This would bring great profits for the company and although it did not surpass its predecessor, which obtained 2.9 billion dollars, it would leave behind many successful productions.

Avatar: The Way of Water Box Office Surpasses 1.7 Billion Dollars

Avatar Way of Water Image: 20th Century Studios/Disney

Avatar: The Way of Water had quite an interesting rebound during the holiday season. Despite starting with 77 million dollars in its first week, it recovered. As per the latest update from Box Office Mojo, the sequel is earning an estimated collection of $1.708 billion by the fourth Sunday at the worldwide box office.

This past weekend, Avatar 2 achieved 20 million more in box office, fighting for the first position with M3GAN. The doll movie won the first day, surpassing 12 million, while Avatar 2 had 11.4 million. However, everything changed on the second day and The Way of the Water won in box office this weekend with $20 million earned, against M3GAN’s $16.7 million.

This made many happy, especially the producers and the director of this film James Cameron. The production costs were quite high. In fact, according to the calculations made by the development team of this film, it was required to surpass Top Gun: Maverick to generate profits.

Avatar 2 Box Office Image: 20th Century Studios/Disney

Apparently, part of the objectives were met, since it is estimated that these additional 20 million dollars surpassed the 1,540 million dollars in the global collection. 

However, the producers set the bar higher than it was. Many estimate that the income from this filming will be at least 1,859 million dollars. The fact is that they want it to exceed 2 billion dollars and position itself as one of the best movies in the cinema.

If this materializes, it could surpass blockbuster productions such as Spider-Man: No Way Home. That one obtained a total of 1.9 million dollars, although it was not released in China, which Avatar 2 did. 

What to Expect From the James Cameron Franchise

Avatar 2's Budget Image: 20th Century Studios/Disney

Many are talking about the franchise’s future, which looked pretty poor at the release time. This considering that Avatar 2 initial box office was quite low. Considering that other movies grossed more than $100 million initially and did not reach $1 billion at the end.

On top of that, the film’s expenses were too high. These added up to no more than 350 million in cost for the film’s creation. So it was supposed to gross at least 1.5 billion dollars to see a profit and discuss a possible 3rd part.

With the current numbers, James Cameron is already talking about the third installment, even a fourth movie. This would imply that if we continue at this pace, the franchise would at least reach part 3, but would consider the option of reaching at least five films.

Avatar 2 New Trailer Image: 20th Century Studios

James Cameron, the director of this production, commented that he already had several ideas for future productions of the saga. However, he reserved them for the moment, due to the conditions placed by the producers for the third part.

For the time being, the third part has been declared. It remains to be seen how successful Avatar 2 box office, is and if it exceeds 2 billion dollars. The results of the third part also have to be considered to confirm if the fourth production will be made.

Featured Image Via 20th Century Studios/Disney 





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