Army Of Thieves Teaser Trailer Is A Hilarious Heist Movie
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Army Of Thieves Teaser Trailer Reveals A Hilarious Look At How Zack Snyder’s ‘Army Universe’ Will Work

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BY July 27, 2021

Zack Snyder attempted to build an awesome shared universe of DC Comics characters at Warner Bros. His attempts were less than successful, despite fans clamoring to #RestoreTheSnyderverse. But as the adage goes, “when one cinematic shared universe collapses, build another original one on your own terms.” It may lose something in translation from its original Klingon. However, it looks like Zack Snyder is doing just that over at Netflix. Earlier this year, Snyder’s first-ever original movie in his whole career released with Army Of The Dead. It was a considerable success, based on Netflix’s vague and secretive numbers and metrics. But even before that release, Snyder was already at work building this Army-verse out into various other projects. The Army Of Thieves teaser trailer reveals the first spin-off from that universe, with one of Army Of The Dead’s most likeable characters. Read on for more. 

Zack Snyder’s Army Of The Dead Left Fans Wanting More

Army Of Thieves teaser trailer safe. Image via Netflix.

Army Of The Dead wasn’t the pinnacle of cinema or anything like that. It did add a lot of new things to the zombie genre as a whole. But overall, relied on some unique concepts, executed incredibly, but ultimately reliant on the massive ensemble cast to bring it all to life. And the success in those various aspects is up for debate. But one thing was clear, Matthias Schweighofer’s Ludwig Dieter was standing apart from everyone else, and he was absolutely hilarious. 

However, Army Of The Dead had so much going on, that Ludwig’s screen time was not as much as I would have liked. The premise of my Army Of The Dead movie review was just that; how I wanted more from the movie’s relationships, including that of Dieter. But my prayers, which I didn’t know I made, are answered. The Army Of Thieves teaser trailer is all Dieter, all the time. And it’s looking pretty damn wunderbar!

Army Of Thieves Teaser Trailer Is An Action Heist Comedy?

Army Of Thieves teaser trailer poster. Image via Netflix.

While hearing about the proposed Army Of The Dead universe’s expansion with this spin-off, the genre and tone of the movie were not what I was expecting. Even more so with the anime-spin off, that is also coming our way. So this new look caught me a little of guard. The Army Of Thieves teaser trailer showcases an action-comedy style heist movie, which looks equal parts hilarious and stylishly cool. Similar to his arc in Army Of The Dead, it looks like Dieter becomes the target of another group of criminals looking to take advantage of his safecracking skills. 

And yes, it might seem familiar and possibly even repetitive, but I’m hoping the stark contrast between the spin-off and the original, will prove to be too overwhelming for those similarities to be a hindrance. Especially given that Schweighofer’s natural charisma is being supplemented with the pairing of the equally talented Nathalie Emmanuel. Fans will recognize Emmanuel from Game Of Thrones, or the Fast And Furious franchise. The Army Of Thieves teaser trailer features her as the person recruiting Dieter into her little heist plan. 

How The Army Of Thieves Teaser Trailer Looks Like A Cool Heist Movie

Army Of Thieves teaser trailer recruit. Image via Netflix.

Honestly, the Army Of Thieves teaser trailer was very surprising. It begins like a cool Bond movie, with the music building up and peaking at certain action bits. The intensity and the hilarity of the trailer look like a lot of fun. Dieter looks like he’s in over his head again, but I wonder if that characterization will tie into his depiction in the Army Of The Dead. 

Army Of Thieves is supposed to be a prequel to Army Of The Dead. In hindsight, Dieter’s reaction to a heist amidst a zombie outbreak felt almost too timid, and he seemed almost too calm about it. His experiences and adventure during Army Of Thieves may prepare him for that even more outrageous adventure later on. This might explain why he was such a cool cat about going into a zombie-infested city. And what an adventure this looks to be. Dieter was the comic relief of Army Of The Dead, while he looks to be the totally inept and overwhelmed lead of the Army Of Thieves teaser trailer. Which is a unique representation of a character, and a comedy trope that we don’t see often anymore. The leads of comedies these days are either always the straight man character, or the zany one, or a combination or pairing of both. 

The Man Behind The Army Of Thieves Is Even More Interesting

Army Of Thieves teaser trailer sitting. Image via Netflix.

Despite everything that the Army Of Thieves teaser trailer has going for it, what’s behind the camera is also surprising. On top of being the blundering lead actor of the movie, Schweighofer is also directing, from a script written by Zack Snyder and Shay Hatten. It’s going to be intriguing to see how Schweighofer will handle the dual duties of lead actor and director. The teaser trailer also shows very little about the story itself and focuses more on the cool action bits of it all. Which is totally fine with me, for now. 

Army Of Thieves is coming soon to Netflix.

Are you excited for the Army Of Thieves prequel movie? Let me know what you think of this new movie in the comments below. 

Featured image via Netflix. 


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