Army Of Thieves Official Trailer: Very Self Aware Action Comedy
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Army Of Thieves Official Trailer Is Transparent About What Kind Of Movie-Film It Is

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BY April 25, 2022

After the Army Of The Dead, it’s time for its prequel featuring one of its more hilarious characters in Army Of Thieves. In the recent Netflix TUDUM fan event, we got the Army Of Thieves official trailer showcasing a lot more about the new movie than we knew before. The full trailer promises a mad-cap heist film featuring outrageous characters and a less than qualified main protagonist. Check out the Army Of Thieves official trailer below, and read on for why it’s a movie-film I’m very much looking forward to.

Army Of Thieves Is Not Army Of The Dead

Army Of Thieves official trailer crew. Image via Netflix.

One thing is very apparent from the Army Of Thieves official trailer; this is not the same movie as Army Of The Dead. While that was a serious action dramatic heist film, this is more of a comedy. And the trailer makes that clear from the get-go. Army Of Thieves features the character of Ludwig Dieter by Matthias Schweighöfer from the first film, who was the master safe cracker of that film. So when surrounded by a cast of serious characters played by Dave Bautista, among others, Dieter really became the underserved comic relief of the movie. What’s interesting here, is that his role isn’t really that different.

The Army Of Thieves trailer doubles down on the inept nature of Dieter, beyond the safe cracking. The trailer opens with a safecracking competition that Dieter wins. It’s reminiscent of the first Fast And Furious movie race montage that established the lead of that movie as an expert driver. So, similarly, Dieter is the safe-cracking hero. His skillz (the z is intentional) gets him recruited by a team of robbers, of which he is seemingly the least qualified.

Army Of Thieves Official Trailer Knows Exactly What It Is

Army Of Thieves official trailer duo. Image via Netflix.

The best part about the Army Of Thieves official trailer is that it’s pretty damn self-aware. The typical montage introducing each of the heist crew is interrupted by Dieter himself, as he points out, that it’s a typical heist movie formula. Which is pretty great, and it then colours his entire performance. And the idea is a pretty funny one too, given that he’s basically in way over his head, but loving every minute of doing the impossible and planning 3 heists at the same time.

It’s cute, adorable and hilarious to think of the eventual way that this will all blow up in his face. And the movie blends the coolness and slick vibes of a usual Zack Snyder movie, with some pretty deadpan comedic moments from everyone involved. All in all, I’m expecting a quick and short action-comedy set in the larger world of an impending zombie apocalypse. I mean, why not. Especially, if the success of this will mean more Zombie-verse films from Snyder, then I’m all for that.

Army Of Thieves premieres on Netflix on October 29.

So what did you think of the Army Of Thieves official trailer? Let me know in the comments below.

Featured image via Netflix.


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