Army Of The Dead Teaser Trailer Shows Zack Snyder’s New Zombie Pic
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Army Of The Dead Teaser Gives Us The First Look At Zack Snyder’s New Zombie Movie

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BY April 25, 2022

It feels like the last few months, (years, actually) every time we discuss Zack Snyder, it is always concerning his upcoming Justice League Snyder Cut on HBO Max. So I’m immensely excited today to talk about Snyder in a context that allows us to move on from the drama of the past few years. And look ahead to the newest Zack Snyder release, a high-profile Zombie flick. Again! The Army Of The Dead teaser trailer is here, and it boasts of a lot of Snyder, but there’s a lot else to get excited for here. 

Zack Snyder Returns To His Zombie Roots

Army Of The Dead teaser trailer Bautista. Image via Netflix.

Zack Snyder is famous as a blockbuster action filmmaker. In Bollywood terms, he would almost be known as a ‘masala’ movie director. This is because of the grand action set pieces, larger-than-life sequences, and gorgeous stylistic choices that he makes in all his movies. Snyder is also the director behind a lot of huge comic book adaptations. From The Watchmen to 300 and the man behind the entire DC Extended Universe; his credentials are pretty impressive. 

But Zack Snyder got his start adapting, not comic books, but a classic zombie movie franchise in Dawn Of The Dead in 2004. After the kerfuffle that was the entire Justice League debacle, It’s kind of cool that with its impending release on HBO Max, Snyder gets a chance to move on from it all. And that too with a new movie that calls back his start as a filmmaker. The Army Of The Dead teaser trailer gives us a great glimpse into the first new Snyder movie in a couple of years. 

Army Of The Dead Teaser Trailer Is A Taste Of What’s To Come

Army Of The Dead teaser trailer crew Image via Netflix.

Netflix’s Army Of The Dead teaser trailer just dropped, and it gives us first look footage at what to expect from the zombie story. The movie is all about a zombie apocalypse, where a rag-tag group of mercenaries dare to venture out into the world. Not to survive, but for the biggest score of their lives. It’s a zombie apocalypse heist movie! And that mash-up of genres alone is exciting enough for the movie to be a stand-out of the year. But add that it’s Snyder’s return to the genre that put him on the map, and it’s definitely a special movie. 

The Army Of The Dead teaser trailer is just that, a teaser of what to expect from the movie. There’s not much dialogue or even much of a semblance of a story. We don’t even really get to see much of the cast beyond just glimpses. It’s just teasing the characters, establishing the world, and hyping the upcoming release. But as someone who’s, I guess I would say, a Snyder fan, it’s an interesting trailer. 

How Army Of The Dead Teaser Trailer Doesn’t Look Exactly Like A Snyder Movie

Army Of The Dead teaser trailer Notaro. Image via Netflix.

Despite being a Snyder movie, Army Of The Dead doesn’t feel like it. Sure there’s a stylized slow-mo shot of guns blazing, but that’s a pretty standard shot. The trademark aesthetic of Snyder is present here but feels used very conservatively. The color palette seems to go from the dusky sepia tones of the Las Vegas desert, to also the neon brightness of the Vegas Strip. It’s a lot cleaner, brighter, and polished than you’d expect from a Snyder movie. 

It could be a sign of Snyder’s growth as a filmmaker or just an aesthetic that fits the movie. In either case, Army Of The Dead is visually and conceptually a movie to definitely watch out for. The movie also has a great star cast in Dave Bautista, Hiroyuki Sanada, Ella Purnell, Theo Rossi Tig Notaro, and many more. 

Army Of The Dead releases on May 21st on Netflix.

Featured image via Netflix. 


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