How Much Did It Cost to Add Tig Notaro to Army of the Dead?
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How Much Did It Cost to Add Tig Notaro to Army of the Dead? A Lot, Apparently

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BY May 28, 2021

Movies are pretty expensive to make. From paying talent to reserving film locations, you can find yourself spending millions pretty quickly. While budgets are made, there are always occasions where studios find themselves dropping more cash than anticipated. This was true for Army of the Dead, as the cost quickly rose due to some significant reshoots with actor Tig Notaro.

The Cost For Army of the Dead Shot Up Due To Important Reshoots

Army of the Dead, the recently-released zombie heist film from Zack Snyder, initially featured a pretty problematic actor. Chris D’Elia was originally playing the role of a helicopter pilot in the film. However, after a slew of scandals, including reports of sexually harassing minors released last year, it was clear that his role in the film couldn’t remain.

Tig Notaro, a stand-up comic known for her specials, took over the role of Marianne Peters after the allegations came forward. The scenes with D’Elia had already been shot, which required Notaro to take part in expensive reshoots. In a recent interview with Deborah and Zack Snyder, the director claims that it cost at least “a few million” to re-do the scenes.

Another star of the film Dave Bautista, claims that he hasn’t even met his co-star due to the reshoots. Due to the specific scenes needing Notaro’s presence, much of it was possible to do with the comedian by herself.

Army Of The Dead review Zombies cost Image via Netflix.

This Isn’t The First Time Something Like This Has Happened

This Army of the Dead reshoot that cost millions isn’t the first time a studio has had to re-organize after serious allegations. Notably, All the Money in the World was facing a similar concern. After news broke about Kevin Spacey’s scandals, Christopher Plummer came to the rescue.

The All the Money in the World reshoots drew plenty of controversies thanks to some behind-the-scenes concerns. One of the film’s stars, Mark Wahlberg, earned a hefty $1.5 million to do the reshoots. Meanwhile, his co-star Michelle Williams was only paid $1000, doing the reshoots for the minimum amount that SAG-AFTRA allows. Williams wasn’t alone. Plenty of the cast and crew recognized the importance of the reshoots and didn’t demand their regular salary. Wahlberg seemed less concerned with why reshoots were happening and more with his paycheque.

After audiences noticed the massive pay discrepancy, Wahlberg donated the $1.5 million to the Times Up legal fund under Williams’ name. We’re happy something good came out of it. Though, we’re still pretty bummed to hear how easy it is for actors to be underpaid.

Readers, what do you think after hearing how much it cost to do reshoots on Army of the Dead with Tig Notaro? If you haven’t had a chance to watch the film, you can head over to Netflix and stream it right now!

Featured image via Netflix.


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