Ant-Man 3, Marvel Celebrates New Year With Exclusive Footage
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Ant-Man 3, Marvel Celebrates New Year With Exclusive Footage

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BY January 4, 2023

Everyone celebrates the new year with rockets, toasts, family, and mixed emotions. Marvel wanted to give their fans a special gift for this new year with Ant-Man 3. They also gave a preamble in the opening of the new plot that is coming in phase V.

As we know, phase IV ended with the Black Panther 2 movie, which was quite emotional. The next one will be with the new Ant-Man sequel, where we will see new characters and a new villain in the whole plot. We are talking about Kang the Conqueror or at least one of his versions.

Marvel’s gift was a short video on Instagram. This one not only welcomed the new year but also gave the opening to the Ant-Man 3 movie. The marketing strategy has already begun, and Marvel Studios has a lot at stake with the start of Phase V.

Ant-Man 3, Marvel Celebrates New Year With Exclusive Footage

Ant-Man 3 Kang Image via Marvel Studios

The company posted a video on the Marvel UK & Ireland Instagram account. This showed the year 2022, which subsequently shrank to the quantum world. The year 2023 appeared instead, showing part of the scenario that will be seen in the Ant-Man 3 movie. 

This short film lasted approximately 10 seconds and also references this movie that we will enjoy in 2023. The truth is not the first time that Marvel has performed this action. The company used this same tactic to promote the Doctor Strange 2 movie. 

Marvel leaves nothing to chance, and with the beginning of this new phase, it wants to leave everything on a high note. This time we will have new villains and new heroes possibly joining the Avengers. An example is Kang the Conqueror, which was already seen in the MCU Loki series.

Ant-Man 3 Kang Image: Marvel Studios

This villain will be a new threat that The Avengers will have to face, although there are many casualties. We have the departure of Steve Rogers, Iron Man, and the Hulk, considering that at the end of the series, She-Hulk went to the planet Sakaar with his son.

According to what was shown in the movie trailer, Kang will force the heroes to get him an artifact in exchange for setting Cassey free. In their adventure, they will face Modok at least, who is supposed to have the device the tyrant desires.

One positive aspect is that Cassey could also become a heroine in Ant-Man 3. Considering that in one of the images of the movie she was shown wearing a special suit, similar to her father’s, but purple.

One more MCU Marketing Action for Phase V

Marvel Phase 6 Image: Marvel Studios

Marvel’s marketing team is working at full speed to make Ant-Man 3 a success and kick off MCU Phase V on the right foot. This short film is just one of the strategies they used to create uncertainty in the fans and to get a massive attendance in the movie theater.

Another strategy they used were images from Ant-Man 3, such as a picture of Kang the Conqueror. They also showed the city of time that he controls at will. They even showed all the devices that this being controls, which has an uncanny similarity to one of the parts of a computer that Cassey shows in the trailer.

Marvel Phase 6 Image: Marvel Studios

The teaser was also shown on social media and Marvel Entertainment YouTube channel. In this, we see how everyone is absorbed into the quantum world. At that moment, we see how Janet, Hope’s mother, looks scared, which implies that she has already met this new villain. This is possible, considering that she spent much time in the quantum world.

Another event they took advantage of to promote this new movie was the 2022 San Diego Comic-Con. In this, they showed part of Ant-Man 3 with a panel composed of the main characters and Marvel president Kevin Feige. It was also said that Hope would have great relevance in the production with her costume of The Wasp.

The film’s release date is February 17, 2023. So the marketing team has little time to finalize the details to promote the film. There are many expectations for the movie and all the surprises it contains at the beginning of this new plot.

Featured Image Via Marvel Studios 



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