Ant-Man 3 Quantumania Trailer Villain Leaves Everyone Stunned
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Ant-Man 3 Quantumania Trailer New Villain Leaves Everyone Stunned

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BY January 17, 2023

Ant-Man 3 Quantumania is getting closer and closer. Only a month to go until we can enjoy the return of Scott Lang and the first appearance on the big screen of Kang the Conqueror. Surprisingly, Marvel’s marketing team gave fans a short film about what we will experience in the upcoming sequel.

In this one, they show some scenes of our heroes in the Quantum Realm. Although this was not what surprised us the most, we will see a villain that can be said to be new to the Marvel Universe. However, he is not so unknown to our heroes, which hints that there will be a possible revenge in this third part.

Ant-Man 3 Quantumania Trailer New Villain Leaves Everyone Stunned

From the beginning, we knew we would have more than one villain in this movie. The first one is the fearsome Kang the Conqueror. However, the trailer surprised us, which is the appearance of MODOK. The big-headed scientist who appeared in several Marvel animated productions. Finally, this character will have his real presence in this movie.

The presence of MODOK is not so surprising since his appearance in this movie has been rumored. Surprisingly, they have created him with very similar aesthetics to the animated character. Also, the revelation of the character’s real identity is very different from the comics.

Who is MODOK Image: Marvel Comics

In this case, we will have Darren Cross, and so will Doctor Pym’s ward, who wanted to develop the serum in the first film. This will be the real identity of MODOK in the Marvel universe. This implies that she will have the opportunity to take revenge on Scott, having defeated him and sent him to the quantum world.

It should be noted that Ant-Man sent Cross to the quantum world when they fought in Cassey’s room. This villain was reduced, along with his Yellowjacket suit. This leads to the assumption that the MODOK suit is a variation or upgrade of this one.

Will This be the End of Scott Lang? 

Ant-Man 3 Quantumania Image: Marvel Studios

Another question that comes to light when the trailer is observed is whether we will see the end of Scott Lang in Ant-Man 3 Quantumania. We can deduce this from the severe beating he takes at the hands of Kang the Conqueror in the short film. Apparently, he will defeat MODOK or at least take away the device of interest to this emperor.

The detail is that this tyrant bombards the heroes. This implies that this one didn’t keep his part of the bargain and will seek to eliminate the group of heroes. We can also see how Kang tells Scott, “You really think you could have beaten me.” This is as he steps on the helmet of the hero’s suit.

A final scene shows Scott’s intention to sacrifice himself for the team. When he tells Kang that Kang doesn’t need to win but for both of them to lose, this hints that we could see something similar to Iron Man’s scene in the final fight against Thanos. The networks comment a lot on this fact. Even there is a kiss scene between Scott and Hope. This could indicate that one of the two dies. 

Here we leave you the official synopsis of Ant-Man 3 Quantumania, “Ant-Man and the Wasp find themselves exploring the Quantum Realm. They will interact with strange new creatures and embarking on an adventure that pushes them beyond the limits of what they thought was possible.”

Featured Image Via Marvel Studios 




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